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Sudden onset Hongjialou them to eat. Yuan fat so explained.

Turned out to be interdependent relationship, but also no wonder that Xiao’s tart in the busy to hear a Lee should contact the feelings out, it appears that she also knows better than hopeless, at least know the most Xiaojiayingzi weak, had to curry favor with the point Lee.

Li Chun Yuan said the fat man to hear the original Xiao Li and Hung family have old account, not from the heart of a dynamic, remembered a possibility: Yuan fat, they are what three old account?

It’s something from the days of talking about Hung Jen Hung Jen days of entering the capital, everyone laughed at him arrogant, but later he was scattered through some of the field officers, a force integration into their own hands, young, already in the capital have a certain right to speak of these things was truly incredible, some people hard life can be difficult to do this, Hung Jen-day a young man behind no family support, actually has done this, people really incredible.

Yuan Li Chun Fat looked at the original, the original did not see any dissatisfaction Li Chun react, they said it down: Then that thing to come to the United bully, when the founding fathers fifty people are still alive, we are also the same opinion, it is the United States of is the world’s first power, ships and armament, weapons, superior, and from that the League of Nations to be a righteous crusade birthright, tangled multinational force, where we will be adversaries?

Hung Jen days but it is not the case, he spent himself in the hands of various types of relationships and resources, troops had the opportunity to change abruptly, the cost is in the capital, he handed it over all operations. Then you know that, although not completely conquer America, But Hung Jen-day was the only one who let the United frustrated, which was Hung Jen days, for the time been regarded as the country’s China fish are undoubtedly a great victory.

Said hurry! While listening to the original Li Chun excited, but also for that Hung Jen-day decisions and means shocked, but this is not seen for a long time Yuan said the fat man to the question, so he finally impatient.

When Hung Jen days back when, to meet him but it is a Chinese Xia Kaiguo since the unprecedented unrest, Hung Jen days had nothing to do, but Xiao and Li is afraid of his limelight too quickly, through this opportunity, facing Hung Jen-day parajumpers gobi sale men moving from the hand, while the other family is parajumpers sale jacket equally condoning their behavior. Hung Jen-day men will love Luo Yuanzhao was almost an insult to suicide, seeking refuge with Lee Chang-Qing Zhu, Yuan fat quickly explains parajumpers sale jacket that sum old account in the process, and said a few names.

Li Chun original listening heart suddenly: No wonder Luo Yuanzhao commander can do such a position, that he is followed so closely Hung Jen-day confidant, but also a loyal Fuji, so only the big help doom Hung family support.

Once they see through, but some dull original Li Chun: Luo Yuanzhao is the case, how is it Yu Gaoguan? It seems zombies coming before these families would have been firmly in control of the entire China, when their power is what arrogance smoked day?

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Three and walked around, seen a few other family location, Chiang, Lee, Sun front are poor.

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