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The next moment, it is completely http://sgdai.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=188289 changed, driven to distraction like, It’s over, my equipment soul.

North rut pushed himself up reincarnation equipment, the equipment is found to have two souls, but these two souls are little silver glowing golden light, impressively than the earth giant summon the soul but also much more advanced!

Transmigration of souls between equipment are nourishing, Ni Lin looked at the sudden appearance of tonic equipment, are scrambling rushed up, which groups silver mouth, in two gold soul silver pan-biting, the few breathing time, he was swallowed into the bones scrap left.

Giant fast enough to summon back the soil is impossible, the movement between the soul http://www.astro365.net/astronews/plus/view.php?aid=69621 already extremely fast, soil Giants had made up his mind like a devouring this northern soul track equipment, but did not think shooting itself feet, and North rut we see ourselves equipment, sprang up parajumpers sale free shipping two silver in the pan gold silver light group to a group ate a light group, then that is the soil Giants face her mother died yesterday, and today, like dead father face.

Finished finished, I really want a lifetime starve here. Soil Giants slumped Parajumpers Parka on the ground, tearful himself.

North rut a look at this situation you want to know the soil Giants calculations themselves, but did not succeed, but he can not waste his compassion.

How? Fortunately, my soul and see the equipment. North rut sneered.

You, I fight with you! Soil giant said.

Body of three hundred and fortieth eight chapters manipulation of the land

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Northern giant frog and soil together, watching that point as transparent as points of light.

Soil giant spoke and said, here, is Yu-wheel seal the singularity of space.

After the two were fighting, North rut soil Giants finally came into this place, leave this place the key is here, of course, the premise is almost exactly the North promised to bring http://car.0527.cn/plus/view.php?aid=8069 the soil to leave this place with the Giants.

Originally soil Giants want their equipment to the power of reincarnation becomes strong, tear this singular point, but his soul is inside reincarnation equipped almost exactly two souls together North devoured, North rut body parajumpers sale reincarnation equipped with the two of them should have forces leave here, of course, North rut and the soil between the Giants have never had any hatred, and, just two have a common enemy.

Small yellow cat, earth giant mouth millennium bug, one was sealed for a thousand years, an almost been fooled into soil giant cloth seal Millennium’s footsteps, no doubt, any one of these two and the small yellow cat is dead enemies.

Are you ready? Soil giant asked.

Okay. North rut said.

Soil cohesion hands of a mass of giant yellow glow, light condensation to almost become real, and the soil is also reduced to the giant’s body almost exactly the same appearance and the North, it seems, is a niche yellow skin, his hands light suddenly he pushed out, dazzling light to get around the stars are in shock.

Fast. Soil giant said.

Yellow halo fried to a singular point, the entire seal space are rumbling ringing non-stop shaking.

Seal up http://265g-iphone.92game.net/bizhi/2012/0709/6577.html the space began to collapse, http://100.1qingdao.com/plus/view.php?aid=462669 large tracts of the planet lost its original trajectory in the collision, a black hole constantly generate and devoid North rut body

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