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Assistant suddenly exudes the air smelled like fresh grapefruit scent, a moment later, into a cool mint, bitter coffee aroma, the smell of barbecue …… variety of food odors in the air sequentially.

Everyone likes the smell is not the same, I used this idea, just want to be able to pleasing their breath, it is easier to borrow money.

One kind of refreshing aroma there, so assistants could not inhaled deeply, relaxed feeling wells.

Why do not we sit down and talk? Xu g gingerly recommendations.

Assistant nodded, so they sat on the floor.

Human understanding of things, is carried out through a variety of sensory organs. Xu Ke continued: vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Compared with the previous several feel, smell is relatively mysterious. Seeing people for and hear things, often can make a detailed description of the smell, but the smell, it is difficult to do this. olfactory impression, however, many times they can act directly on the subconscious, and even human behavior key influence.

The smell of the air into a quiet ethereal aroma, assistant to the mind becomes calm tranquility.

A little sleepy yet? Xu g asked.

Assistant nodded.

Then sleep for a while now, what will not delay things.

Assistant seemed struggling a bit, and then close your eyes and fell asleep.

A good sleep, the body’s fatigue had dispersed, so that unpleasant things are forgotten. Xu g hypnosis lessons learned by it, facing the assistant whisper.

Xu Ke, change lines, the ability to read parajumpers sale free shipping called magic incense.

PS protagonist’s reading ability is the most began to write fiction when it has to be good, there may be not to force ……

Text Chapter 50 Matchday

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Another day morning.

Time is up, bedside alarm clock excited, twitching issue deafening tones. However, a palm heaven, all of a sudden it took quiet. Ashington rolled over and went to sleep. With the usual style of dress mature than she was now wearing a white helloketty small floral pajamas, actually more in line with her age now.

Today, just a clinch, she can complete the main quest, return parajumpers sale canada to the main god space.

While in another room, Martin He had to get up, is the bathroom shower. Two victories today, he needed to reach in order to complete the main quest. Hot water continuously from the top of the head down, his heart began to tremble.

Victory! Sure to win! He suddenly shouted nervously, the sound echoed in the bathroom constantly.

Xu Ke has to get up, he was the slowest trio one, you also need three games to complete the main line. That is, even today, victory, still need to parajumpers jackets sale wait until tomorrow to call an order to leave this world.

However, if not the oppression of quests, Xu Keba may not be able to stay for a few days in this world, good to raise more money. Owns his own company, you can raise money on the road a lot more. This morning the first thing he has to do is not race, but go to the bank signed a loan agreement, the loan back. Through bank loans, wholesalers Yakuan also borrow

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