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, Why I do not promise it, if there is really something you said, I have no reason to reject you. But before departure, I want to know, is not I grab the Ganges sand, you can give you, and then you can build it to the master of hobbits. In Shortly after, I was able to see the finished product of it? Lingui Ren on the Lisa really a little less assured.

Of course not, the Ganges nonartifact sand just build the necessary materials, but the light has Ganges is useless in the sand, the sand in the Ganges to get, you must also collect other materials, until parajumpers jackets sale cobble together, I will lead you to find that a master of hobbits, but I would like to affirm that the master who although skilled, but he was there quite a bugger that drunken Do not use those eyes, I did not want you to go to any wine, the master who drink from the wine industry planes called super Shaodao Zi spirits, while this is not a low selling price of spirits, so your preparation a fee for the job.

Cost, how much? Listening to the words of Lisa, Lingui Ren in thought for a moment before asked.

Last time, I heard that he received the other five million reward points, but you introduced me to, perhaps should be less, but you should also prepare how got more than four million points, after all, my face not so the value of points. Here, Lisa to a little embarrassing.

Lingui Ren who was out of the rookie from unlimited video, who has a few thousand points should be quite good, one million this unit for him, perhaps too far away. As long as he do not be scared to give a huge number of points, and then thought I was fooled him just fine.

Not to mention really, Lisa not afraid of anything, afraid Lingui Ren think they are fooled him, then trouble. After all, she’s just an alchemist, it is not how high level, you want to be able to help her find a shot, you can reach the purpose of revenge really is not easy to master. Plus she did not point, did not not go to unlimited movie release point, so Lingui Ren’s it for now, but one can not miss the chance.

Lisa, you honestly tell me, do you know who dwarves guru, really exquisite craft what? I mean to say, I have all the material he needs to give him, and then return it to him, he will be able to I want to create a successful weapon it? failure rate does not appear anything like it. Lingui Parajumpers Jackets Men Ren the opening, his face suddenly became serious and a lot, apparently to get an answer after the next will make a decision.

Lingui Ren, the sand is not going to damage the Ganges, and the hobbits are notoriously collection of a variety of materials richest race. Creating other weapons, and perhaps something to say, but in creating nonartifact this matter, dwarves families still have not appeared once dove release things as long as you do is take the sand of the Ganges, no matter how many times they fail, in the end will give you, you need a non-artifact, this is Moradin Great promise for three thousand faces, so nothing to worry about, of course, certainly not the parajumpers jackets outlet case in the event of a material robbed. saw Lingui Ren concerns, Xin took the initiative to help Lisa explained.

This is like, wait a few days, and I let Mikoto them back once a month from them out.

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