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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Of course, the purpose of reaching these pirates are not to destroy naval headquarters, the objective was achieved, the course is to prepare Paolu.

Just wanted to run, you have someone bring up the rear. Anyone else get away, as the entire arduous task as white Huzi Hai Pirates captain, Edward cattle Gheit is doing my take down. Legendary big pirates courage at the moment is totally came to prominence.

Issued a final order after the captain, white beard parajumpers gobi sale is completely ready to sacrifice.

Anywhere on the battlefield in the induction of changes, even if not opened his eyes, Lingui Ren also know how to take in the event of changes.

Open your eyes, we have to start acting up, and remember the things I told you before that? Lingui Ren suddenly opened his eyes and stood up.

I know! Nodded, Misaka Mikoto thereupon picked up a sword, then followed Lingui Ren directional movement in one direction in the past.

Just less parajumpers gobi sale than a minute, there is no obstacle in the basic case, Lingui Ren and Misaka Mikoto is the fastest speed jumped on the crescent-shaped harbor above, and then directly toward the pirates retreating warship ran past.

And now, take leave of the white-bearded Ace and Luffy is already almost reached retreat place.

A rescued Fire Fist Ace fled, white Huzi Hai Pirates really gathered a group of cowards ah! Thing, but just the captain, and also no way to do ah! Ultimately, white beard in the end is the loser of an era nothing more. red dog that gloomy voice suddenly rang.

And the sound, has come from the slope of Lingui Ren suddenly plugged into a bad premonition. But at the moment Lingui Ren does not have any surprises after the main line on top of the war inside, this is one of the most crucial scene.

But to hear these words, although other pirates are not fooled, but too beloved white beard Exelon is also known to be fooled or stopped.

Losers? Withdraw you give me just words! With Parajumpers Men Jacket Sale extremely angry voice, Exelon did not scruple to discourage people around, bent to a halt.

You said let me recover, I do not intend to withdraw my words simply put it right bar! Your father Roger harness the great route, but also to die in exchange for opening the era of big pirates called New Age gates, although the Navy for me being a little bit wrong, but he is a man worthy of the title One Piece. compared to him, white beard and how? him in the end is not a showdown with Roger courage always holed up in a safe place from the sidelines, able to do a tyrant has met it seems, although there are still many of the world’s fool, with a white beard protect the island’s name, let me say, but a group of pirates do offal opponent, representing a slight advantage one o’clock came a hero, really killing people! Roger’s lifetime has been shrinking in its wake, his death still can not be called the king’s expectations, that He’ll never beat Roger is always the losers, and this is the white beard, in the end where I was wrong. until the red dog Here, Exelon has no longer tolerate went toward the red dog .

And see their blindingly effective, red dog is continued: Think he really is a sad man ah! Was a group of ruffians.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Methods, such allocation should be the best way to space considerations, as to the rest of the property task, we must find their own estimates, but be sure, that is almost exactly how to find the North had to camp here in the dark looking for the .

North rut in the cave to get inside to see a bit of a black curse, to lay their goods in the form of Yu-round space, which can belong to this scenario used items, looks like a black jellyfish.

Black Curse: the legendary Black Knight just black ringleader of the projection, the body composed entirely of curse, curse as blessing for the devil in angel also has a mysterious power, the curse of the body, after use can break their physical limits, restrictions on attribute points detention exceeded 50 points, you can use the number twice.

After North rut out of the cave, immediately saw the flames knight, knights North rut on the flame can not speak a little wary and no, but is wary of large, after all, to any one person put chivalry set in a killer body, probably feel a little awkward, but the flame knight how to say, if it is willing to follow him, but also a big help.

Flame Knight saw North rut came out, and asked, success?

North rut nodded his head, you received what tasks?

Flame Knight said, Rivendell community river access Shenshui. Finish, flame knight looked almost exactly a North, North rut nodded his head, indicating two people are the same task.

We parajumpers gobi sale go together to complete the task? North frog asked.

Flame Knight nodded, I said, in this scene inside, you’re my flame knights to guard people, even if it is promoted to fail me, I will protect you.

Suddenly, North frog suddenly pulled from the flames to Knight, said, Hurry!

Two people together to hide in the cave behind, here are a few contracts were up, which walk in the South from the front, behind him, the two seem very respectful of his contract who appears to be bodyguards level figures south from very rich handsome temperament into the cave after the flame knight North frog said, Here you can kill it?

Flame Knight said, There should be no short-term contracts who come back.

North rut thought or forget, hunting south from this silver spoon people still have to be properly get the go, his body might be able to reverse the situation with a number of things, like world experience in the novice when the strength of his side to follow the four higher than the average novice a large portion of those contracts, and south from before I was an agile person, and now like themselves the task of receiving the strength properties at least is one pair of extremal property deed, or even three attributes, four attributes are possible, after all, people’s home situation out there, and south from the absolute number of times using the parajumpers sale men Monster Manual to see how the South is not a foolish from grandmother figure, esoteric attributes must also comprehend a few.

Positively hostile, then worked his North rut probability to only 30% and Northern Flame Knight hit a rut two, there will be a winning Seventy after North rut comprehend esoteric or spiritual attributes of a considerable force, dark attribute by grinding up the contract, then the surface is Parajumpers Men Jacket Sale still getting bigger wins, but the South from someone escort, and this is another matter.

North decided to take shelter in a rut edge.

North rut to Duoergela

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Kyoko evening went and soon fell in love, two are awfully busy running back and forth.

A month has gone in an instant, this period, several other competitors have once again found a Lingui Ren. I hope he can agile little early enough to complete the task, so parajumpers sale jacket we are freed from the task. Especially with a gay friend who performed the task, it is hoped that urgent leave this made him very unhappy imagery world.

But Lingui Ren is directly shirk. As shirk reason is very simple, it is so small you can not find a way to speak excellent, after all animation above, several small openings are excellent transfer of magic was done.

The transfer means magic, magic school masters Elle related to Al, there is a relationship of her gifted students. Before Lingui Ren can offend Elle Ayr, several other actors are seen, it is impractical expect her to help it.

For gifted students Haruna who, up to now has not appeared, so even though there are several other views, and can only patiently waiting for it.

Of course, this is they do not know, Lingui Ren there parajumpers gobi sale directly from the body of the specified object means of direct extraction of magic. If known, estimated Lingui Ren was not so easy to cross the border.

A month later, one day, just ready for lunch, only to pick up the chopsticks and small advantages while the Lingui Ren, suddenly raised the corners of the mouth.

The next second, inside the house, suddenly appeared patches of leaves flying around in the rotation.

The trouble, I want a bowl of miso soup! A very sexy dress, sexy female body more directly in a small excellent side, knelt on the edge of the table, and then facing Lingui Ren said.

Our family meals, but very expensive, poor people can not afford to eat, ma’am, are you sure you want me to give you a bowl of miso soup it? Lingui Ren facing appear beauties asked.

Eyes closed, Serafim really did not expect, beside this bug exists in general, actually uttered such words. Expensive, poor, have seen themselves down before the table is not that exactly what the general food, did not see any expensive place ah, or that this disgusting guy ready to blackmail ourselves?

The thought may be bugs extortion, Serafim though still elegant sitting, but the look on his face with a little hint of murderous respect it.

Miso soup! Direct chose to ignore the words of Lingui Ren, who opened his eyes again Serafim said.

Well, since you insist, I’ll give you a bowl of miso soup is good, the way I want to ask you, ma’am, it Parajumpers Men Jacket Sale should not be gifted friends! You first introduce yourself? Looked at the small-optimal expression, Lingui Ren deliberately asked.

Understand, My name is Serafim, like the secret sword. Yan back, stunt secret sword. Yan back, hobbies or secret sword swallow back. With a wave higher than the wave tone, plug La Feimu unmistakable expressed her everything and secret sword. Yan returns are inescapable relationship.

Then you come to my house ready to do it? Side of Serafim a bowl of miso soup, Lingui Ren side asked.

I want to help gifted Kerry Wood. Adults and Lusaiyisi power! My mission is to acquire and Lusaiyisi adults license, asked her to walk with me, back to the ninja village go! Match Lu non-wood to be that did not hide, straight

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Split to go.

Apocalypse Warrior midrange nirvana – hole!

Fist fiercely split in the ghost, the bang a loud noise, Lu Tien-feng inverted out, fell heavily to the ground, while the other end of parajumpers sale men the catalytic ghost flying straight toward the fire frame collision, fire, aircraft scattered, to the blood pool fall to that old parajumpers gobi sale witch’s body also fall in the blood pool.

Lu Tien-feng carp roll, stood up, plunges into a ghost flying catalytic sprang.


Severely a punch in the catalytic ghost flying body, but the other party does not have any damage.

Flying catalytic ghost hovering in the air, bursts scream, but no lower dead people around for catalysis.

It is the day the wind Puxia Parajumpers Men Jacket Sale again to Lu, Lu Tien-feng plunges jump Flying catalytic ghost who shouted loudly: hole!

Boxing in catalysis severely a ghost body, bang sound big ring, catalytic ghost still no damage.

Catalytic ghosts flying, tried to shake Lu Tianfeng it piece five meters long tail fiercely towards Lu Tianfeng Pilai.

Lu days the wind kept vertical jump away, catalytic ghost scream loudly, to the big tree collision.

Lu Tien-feng seize catalytic ghosts, but, when Ash was severing branches, let his surprise, that a length of truncated branches mouth, suddenly exposed radiant light, that light is dazzling, Zhitou sky.

Tian Lu Feng heart startled, exclaimed: This is a magic weapon born omen!

Lu Tien-feng’ll never forget last a lifetime, a small town in Europe, when the earth broke dazzling, the magic weapon – Thor Hammer turned out.

Today, looking at the front of this bunch Zhitou sky light, Lu Tien-feng subconscious shouted: magic weapon to appear!

He hit the branches, flew down, and gazed at large locust tree, if good, big tree below the buried a magic weapon.

This weapon soaked by the virus has become brilliant, who gets it, and immediately become the world’s strong!

Lu Tianfeng excited, full of desire.

Flying ghosts whistling loudly the other end of the catalytic washed down from the big tree, to the day the wind blow to land.

Tian Lu wind began to storage, just a quick fix.

Roaring sound, catalytic ghosts come to Lu days the wind hit, while Lu days the wind roared: Apocalypse Warrior Sec order after nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Catalytic ghost hit severely beat up to go, bang sound, cold and dead air devoured catalytic flying ghost.

Flying catalytic ghost appears on a dead body hole, Lu days the wind roared: Apocalypse Warrior after order nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Once again, severely beat him in flying catalytic ghost.

Double hit, double guns, two strokes row synthesis a mountain resort, with cold and dead air, flying toward the catalytic ghost severely hit go.

Flying catalytic ghost was hit, crashed fly out, fall in the blood pool, motionless, dead.

Lu catalytic ghost straight days of wind, said: Brain crystal and magic weapons, I have to!

Body take a day off

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Take a day off today.

Text Chapter 186 Artifact

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Chapter 186 Artifact

Tianfeng Lu ran into big tree, if good, there is a magic weapon under the acacia trees.

Buried in the ground, soaked by the virus weapons become magic weapon, once available, that will be shaking.

Who gets it, who become