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Kyoko evening went and soon fell in love, two are awfully busy running back and forth.

A month has gone in an instant, this period, several other competitors have once again found a Lingui Ren. I hope he can agile little early enough to complete the task, so parajumpers sale jacket we are freed from the task. Especially with a gay friend who performed the task, it is hoped that urgent leave this made him very unhappy imagery world.

But Lingui Ren is directly shirk. As shirk reason is very simple, it is so small you can not find a way to speak excellent, after all animation above, several small openings are excellent transfer of magic was done.

The transfer means magic, magic school masters Elle related to Al, there is a relationship of her gifted students. Before Lingui Ren can offend Elle Ayr, several other actors are seen, it is impractical expect her to help it.

For gifted students Haruna who, up to now has not appeared, so even though there are several other views, and can only patiently waiting for it.

Of course, this is they do not know, Lingui Ren there parajumpers gobi sale directly from the body of the specified object means of direct extraction of magic. If known, estimated Lingui Ren was not so easy to cross the border.

A month later, one day, just ready for lunch, only to pick up the chopsticks and small advantages while the Lingui Ren, suddenly raised the corners of the mouth.

The next second, inside the house, suddenly appeared patches of leaves flying around in the rotation.

The trouble, I want a bowl of miso soup! A very sexy dress, sexy female body more directly in a small excellent side, knelt on the edge of the table, and then facing Lingui Ren said.

Our family meals, but very expensive, poor people can not afford to eat, ma’am, are you sure you want me to give you a bowl of miso soup it? Lingui Ren facing appear beauties asked.

Eyes closed, Serafim really did not expect, beside this bug exists in general, actually uttered such words. Expensive, poor, have seen themselves down before the table is not that exactly what the general food, did not see any expensive place ah, or that this disgusting guy ready to blackmail ourselves?

The thought may be bugs extortion, Serafim though still elegant sitting, but the look on his face with a little hint of murderous respect it.

Miso soup! Direct chose to ignore the words of Lingui Ren, who opened his eyes again Serafim said.

Well, since you insist, I’ll give you a bowl of miso soup is good, the way I want to ask you, ma’am, it Parajumpers Men Jacket Sale should not be gifted friends! You first introduce yourself? Looked at the small-optimal expression, Lingui Ren deliberately asked.

Understand, My name is Serafim, like the secret sword. Yan back, stunt secret sword. Yan back, hobbies or secret sword swallow back. With a wave higher than the wave tone, plug La Feimu unmistakable expressed her everything and secret sword. Yan returns are inescapable relationship.

Then you come to my house ready to do it? Side of Serafim a bowl of miso soup, Lingui Ren side asked.

I want to help gifted Kerry Wood. Adults and Lusaiyisi power! My mission is to acquire and Lusaiyisi adults license, asked her to walk with me, back to the ninja village go! Match Lu non-wood to be that did not hide, straight

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