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Split to go.

Apocalypse Warrior midrange nirvana – hole!

Fist fiercely split in the ghost, the bang a loud noise, Lu Tien-feng inverted out, fell heavily to the ground, while the other end of parajumpers sale men the catalytic ghost flying straight toward the fire frame collision, fire, aircraft scattered, to the blood pool fall to that old parajumpers gobi sale witch’s body also fall in the blood pool.

Lu Tien-feng carp roll, stood up, plunges into a ghost flying catalytic sprang.


Severely a punch in the catalytic ghost flying body, but the other party does not have any damage.

Flying catalytic ghost hovering in the air, bursts scream, but no lower dead people around for catalysis.

It is the day the wind Puxia Parajumpers Men Jacket Sale again to Lu, Lu Tien-feng plunges jump Flying catalytic ghost who shouted loudly: hole!

Boxing in catalysis severely a ghost body, bang sound big ring, catalytic ghost still no damage.

Catalytic ghosts flying, tried to shake Lu Tianfeng it piece five meters long tail fiercely towards Lu Tianfeng Pilai.

Lu days the wind kept vertical jump away, catalytic ghost scream loudly, to the big tree collision.

Lu Tien-feng seize catalytic ghosts, but, when Ash was severing branches, let his surprise, that a length of truncated branches mouth, suddenly exposed radiant light, that light is dazzling, Zhitou sky.

Tian Lu Feng heart startled, exclaimed: This is a magic weapon born omen!

Lu Tien-feng’ll never forget last a lifetime, a small town in Europe, when the earth broke dazzling, the magic weapon – Thor Hammer turned out.

Today, looking at the front of this bunch Zhitou sky light, Lu Tien-feng subconscious shouted: magic weapon to appear!

He hit the branches, flew down, and gazed at large locust tree, if good, big tree below the buried a magic weapon.

This weapon soaked by the virus has become brilliant, who gets it, and immediately become the world’s strong!

Lu Tianfeng excited, full of desire.

Flying ghosts whistling loudly the other end of the catalytic washed down from the big tree, to the day the wind blow to land.

Tian Lu wind began to storage, just a quick fix.

Roaring sound, catalytic ghosts come to Lu days the wind hit, while Lu days the wind roared: Apocalypse Warrior Sec order after nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Catalytic ghost hit severely beat up to go, bang sound, cold and dead air devoured catalytic flying ghost.

Flying catalytic ghost appears on a dead body hole, Lu days the wind roared: Apocalypse Warrior after order nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Once again, severely beat him in flying catalytic ghost.

Double hit, double guns, two strokes row synthesis a mountain resort, with cold and dead air, flying toward the catalytic ghost severely hit go.

Flying catalytic ghost was hit, crashed fly out, fall in the blood pool, motionless, dead.

Lu catalytic ghost straight days of wind, said: Brain crystal and magic weapons, I have to!

Body take a day off

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Take a day off today.

Text Chapter 186 Artifact

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Chapter 186 Artifact

Tianfeng Lu ran into big tree, if good, there is a magic weapon under the acacia trees.

Buried in the ground, soaked by the virus weapons become magic weapon, once available, that will be shaking.

Who gets it, who become

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