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Brother, do not want to see him hurt, pain, sad.

But, she still have the courage to face, she was still encourage their own ……

Across the entire fleet of Hunan, into Guizhou, undead zombies, more and more land day winds left more pain.

Probably a few days ago, it received a yellow France came from the north will be broadcast, is a remnant forces in the north will be established near survivors base, through the radio constantly accept the survivors.

I heard the other commanders are yellow Law comrades, yellow France suggested the team go through to the other side.

Lu Tianfeng this team, the number reached two hundred nineteen persons, vehicles total forty-seven, more than a dozen large trucks, more than a dozen trucks, more than a dozen vehicles car, the rest is a mess, and what type of car are there luxury sports car, there are noble cars, there are inexpensive car pulling bricks.

Go north along the broadcast team, along the way, the survivors have speech, everyone excited, all hope, the base really exist, they desire a homely human fortress.

Team went into the north, surrounded by a peaceful, I do not know where that team survivors.

North mighty fleet will be on the road in the shuttle, attracted a large zombie touches, is not seen other survivors, let alone an army with soldiers.

Perhaps, this broadcast has expired, send it in person already dead.

Northern parajumpers sale jacket Fleet will be ready to leave when a team of military trucks rushed down from the mountains, that moment, everyone was overjoyed: The army, they really are the army!

They want to come and save us!

Great, great!

Crowd cheering, only Lu Tien-feng face was calm, military trucks, parajumpers sale men and two rows of soldiers, pale, more or less every person who has scars, these scars is very strange, unlike the fighting left, it touches on self-harm and injury.

Most people have a hand gun, Yan loaded behalf array, their eyes staring Zhezhi forty-car caravan, eyes full of excitement.

Lu day the wind was read out a glimmer of strange, he nerves jump, shouted: Messenger down, everyone Yan array mounted on behalf of, and I look up to the order to immediately shoot!

What? Everyone was shocked: in the end how? Why shoot? Them, parajumpers sale jacket but soldiers!

Lu Tien-feng sneer, intuition told him that this group of soldiers is not the soldier, strange scars on them is eschatological desperate to vent, their eyes without the slightest joy, only the desire for sex and desire.

Lu ten days the wind in the last days, how I do not know.

Convoy stopped, and that seven military trucks also stopped several captain-level officer jumped down, pale, lifeless, no military force, they slowly came to the modified car before, his eyes gazed at Lu The next day the wind poems and Han Bingbing Liu Si.

Another aide beside excited and said: Will you lucky, we are the Nanjing Military Region army motorized brigade seventeenth division twelfth row, we will establish a base north, above the food, there are warm, comfortable bed, a variety of entertainment, your arrival is our honor, I think you will also like us here.

Tian Lu wind suddenly said: You are the culprits, right? Come from? Original officers are dead? Still get caught you?

Ah! Word let that several officers face became pale, their eyes flashed surprised, haze and vicious.


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