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Jun Yang laughed, urging Xiao Zhenzhong: Quick, while they attacked the truck, all from behind hanged!

Originally, if the zombies hit from all directions, then the off-road vehicle is a risk, but there is no thinking zombie animals they prey desperately to truck collision, my mind just want blood, but can not think behind strangling machine.

In this way, fifty bulls quickly ghost SUVs five, six rounds on all be hanged.

Foul blood spatter, carrion flying, so bloody scene, but did not give the crowd with nausea also, at the moment, everyone is in a shock.

Tianfeng Lu Young repairman seize arms, crying: It is finished, became, we became ……

Middle-aged cafe hear roaring, he crawled out again, when you see the piles of corpses which, he shoved startled: This ……

The building, Zhang Cong and exclaimed: Look, I said that they walked! Sister, you see, they are the rescue team, we went to seek refuge with them, will be able to live out in Guangzhou!

His sister Zhang Min excited authentic: Escape for five days, but can not think they could meet one able to deal with the zombie team, we have hope!

Young could not hide suit surprised: They are a modified car! Among the world can there be such a sharp edge and sharp thorns? You see, that sophistication, almost like a pressure from the machine out of the end of the world may have , where they find a machine? these infinite value of the equipment, because it can deal with zombies, can doubt that they are taken from where to?

Zhang Cong and Zhang Min also surprised: I am also curious, if we put on cars such equipment would not be so embarrassed!

The girl next to him steady heart excited, can be very calm on the surface, but with a different crowd surprised and suspicious that she thought was, how to join them! Zhezhi troops that let her know that, in order to survive, we must parajumpers sale jacket follow them!

At the moment, SUV stopped, Xu Jun Yang four jumped down, looking at the floor in front of the stumps and foul, they excited, Zhang Union is trembling authentic: This is our doing?

Xu Jun Yang proud authentic: This is, of course!

Xiao Zhenzhong cold not watch authentic: If the car is not modified, we die!

Xu Jun Yang Meng trio startled: Yes, if not the two modified cars, we are very difficult to deal with even a zombie!

Wanggui Bin said: This is parajumpers gobi sale the day the wind credit! These are his conversion equipment procured, the car is his modified!

Yes, Mom, if not land the day the wind, we absolutely can not escape the hospital! Xu Jun Yang excited again.

Zhang Union can suddenly said: But the equipment, the day where the wind come from?

Let everyone stunned sentence: Yes, these equipment where they come?

Lu days the wind out of the truck, was excited because rapid crystallization with ghosts vivo brain dead hearts are black D grade!

But he just came Shidui, Xu Jun Yang anxious: The days of wind, these devices where you come from?

Although the other three students did not say, but the eyes are fixed on landing day the wind, they are very curious, they saved the life of the equipment in the end everyone from where come.

Tian Lu wind did not bother the crowd excited, but said: Now pick up grain and brain dead hearts, we want to get out of here.

Xu Jun Yang parajumpers sale men some dissatisfaction.

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