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The ex-governor – the candidate – his wife and her ex

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

School officials waited until the middle of Tuesday when snow was already falling to send students home on routes where traffic was grinding to a halt. The storm was blamed for at least 12 deaths, many of them traffic-related.
Barely 3in (7.6cm) of snow caused havoc in a warm-weather region where many cities do not even have snow ploughs or fleets of salt trucks.
Officials were criticised for ineffective preparation despite ample warning of the impending storm.

nNow, as an adult I could make different choices, but I’ve grown up in this country, I’ve considered myself right now to be an American and I’m willing to fight for this country and to give back to this nation. If I go back to Mexico, I haven’t been there for so long I don’t consider it to be my home anymore. It wasn’t a situation where he would give me a spanking – it was real violence. When I was a child from 11 until I grew up, I was really fearful to go back to Mexico because of my dad.

‘Lucy’, Massachusetts I