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Bubble Witch Saga Cheats & Tips

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Bubble Witch Saga Cheats / Free Lives – This Bubble Witch Saga Cheat is meant to give you free lives whenever you need them without having to wait for them!

bubble witch saga cheats After running out of lives in Bubble Witch Saga exit your game and head to your mobile device’s settings. Once in your settings go to where you can change your mobile device’s time. Once there, move your time ahead to however long you had to wait and exit your settings. Reopen your game and if done correctly you should notice your lives have been refilled!
The Bubble Witch Saga is a very interesting gaming application that is built on an ancient theme of witchcraft. It keeps the player engaged with the different uniquely designed graphics that are used to make it. The application is compatible with all the browsers and operating system available in the market now. The application also allows the player to add more hearts which increases the fun of the game. In order to be able to activate the application, one is required to log into the facebook, enter the amount of the resources they would want and then
The bubbles you will face can be a hard struggle for you to complete each level, but that is the most challenging and fun one. The bubbles have its own names which represent kind of the obstacles they delivered. They appear or are introduced in any levels you step in. Such as The Black Bubbles which is introduced at level 16, The Spider Bubbbles, The Doom Skull Bubbles, The Infected Bubbles, etc. The higher level you pass, the more you need to work hard to think and do the best thing. Download Bubble Witch Saga 3.1.0 APK Download Bubble Witch Saga 3.1.0 APK
The main to a degree intriguing gameplay curve in Bubble Witch Saga comes as insects. As you pop bubbles, bugs will show up at the lowest part of the screen over top of a few cauldrons. Every cauldron is worth a certain number of focuses, and at the closure of a level (which happens either when you use up percolates to shoot or you’ve popped each move on screen) any left over air pockets will tumble into the cauldrons, bobbing around on the creepy crawlies before they do so. It works a mess like Plinko from The Price is Right.
Label style=”3″Purchases/label While this game is free there are “Spells” you can acquire which are not. You may earn some of them during game play so try to save them for difficult levels. You will know if you have gotten to a difficult level when it takes you several days or longer to complete it. Should you decide you want to purchase “Spells’ or other in app purchases, you may do so within the app and in most cases you may bill it to your carrier if you do not want to pay for it on the spot.
Label style=”3″Gameplay/label Don’t forget about the Spiders! Those creepy little spiders on screen are actually there to help you earn higher scores in order to beat each level. When you complete a match of 3 Bubbles they not only disappear but a spider will come down from his web. After doing this so many times in a row you will earn golden Spiders. The difference between the blue and the golden spiders is “bouncability”. The spiders allow your bubbles to bounce when they fall after shooting down all of the Bubbles. They act as a sort of net between the Bubbles and the cauldrons.
The more stars you get, the more coins you get at the end. But here’s the catch, you get 5 lives. If you don’t beat a level, it takes a life. You have 5 chances to beat it. After that you can ask people for lives, or wait. I prefer to wait because I hate to be that guy. You know the one I’m talking about; the one who gets appdicted to everything and sends you requests to all of them. But if you’re him, thats okay. I hope you have a friend list that’s tolerant and kind.

bubble witch saga cheats
Steinberg listed a number key traits a winning game should have. It should be fun and engaging but also consumable, meaning the game lets users accomplish goals and feel like they’re making progress. It needs to be intuitive, approachable and be filled with subliminal positive reinforcement. Steinberg said if a player’s character in the game is constantly getting injured or killed, players won’t want to keep coming back. A good game should also have elements of personalization, such as creating your own avatar or freedom to accomplish tasks in the order the player chooses. But even a winning formula is not a guarantee of success.
I’ve been stuck on level 12 for at least 10 tries, and even when I hit every shot I can in what seems to be the prime location (remember, I can’t actually see if there are better options most of the time), I still come just short of a single star, which means I can’t proceed.

bubble witch saga cheats I decided to review this title as I would actually play a game like this. I invested no money, and at this point, I can safely say that I’ve seen all that I want to of Bubble Witch Saga