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HTC Trophy Review

Monday, April 21st, 2014

With the lowest compression, still photos generally weigh between 2.7MB and 4.7MB, which means they contain precisely the amount of information we’d want from such a high resolution image – other phones are known to cap file-sizes at around 3MB , which hurts image quality. It wouldn’t be an Android phone from a Korean manufacturer without some software on the side, right? To start, Google’s Android 4.2.2 brings along Google Now and Project Butter smoothness for the ride, but LG’s added its own twist, in part to assist with those rear-facing buttons.unlock iphone uk vodafone
It makes sense for LG to pair a high-pixel-count camera sensor (13 megapixels, no less) and optical image stabilization, as the duo should make for crisper shots with less blur and noise. More pixels mean that your shots should also grab more detail. It appears to be the same setup we tested #1# on the Optimus G Pro, (BSI 13-megapixel sensor, f/2.4 aperture lens, 9-point autofocus and LED flash), although LG has gone further with the manual settings you’re able to tweak; there’s now a manual focus slider to maximize those macro shots, alongside tap-to-focus and face-tracking.unlock iphone uk vodafone
HTC approaches its fingerprint reader in a unique way compared to Touch ID; you can store up to three fingers (or other parts of your body, we presume) and you can assign a quick launch shortcut to each individual digit. Thus, you could swipe your thumb to open the camera, left index finger for messaging and perhaps your right pinky for Gmail. You can also choose to have your fingers simply open to the home screen, if that’s all you need. This additional customization is a nice touch, though we’d like the Max to store even more fingers.

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