Testosterone Cypionate for sale Bigorexia What it is and how it Effects Pe

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Human growth hormone is a prescription drug. It was originally created by scientist to treat children’s growth disorders and adults with growth hormone deficiency. When someone takes HGH, they are interjecting the active ingredient somatotroph that is naturally made in a person’s (and animals) pituitary gland. The somatotroph hormone regulates how big the cells within the body’s DNA will allow [II].

Think of a balloon. One can fill a balloon with only so much air before the Testosterone Cypionate for sale balloon will “pop”. When the balloon is filled with air, the surface area begins to stretch under tension until it reaches maximum capacity. Once the intake of air stresses the surface area of the balloon to maximum capacity, the balloon will burst. At this point, the only way to get the balloon bigger (without it popping) would be to add more surface area to the balloon.

The same concept is true with a person’s muscles. Steroids allow the muscle bellies (balloon) to inflate to as large as a person’s predetermined DNA and frame will allow. With the injection of a synthetic anavar for women somatotroph, this chemically hgh for sale changes a person’s DNA cells to grow beyond their natural regulated jintropin size the pituitary gland has set forth. This gives more surface area to the balloon and allows the body’s cells and organs to grow beyond what was genetically crafted for a person at birth.

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