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Over, Xue brake speed, and Lu days the wind coming together.

Ah …… Xue lose support, back tossed away, Lu Tien-feng eye grassland, quickly hugged Xue. Xue opened his eyes and saw Tian Lu wind, I parajumpers gobi sale do not know why, my heart jumping excited, full of joy and sorrow and grief, there is little trace of grievances: The day the wind, you are finally willing to bother me.

Lu Xue also want to stay long arms few days the wind, but, Lu Tien-feng see her nothing, righting her. Xue some are not happy, but still Hei said: The day the wind, I finally found you, giggle ……

Lu Tianfeng wondering: What can I do?

Xue was going to say, I want to apply you can turn a thought, if such a direct, Lu Tien-feng certainly will not agree.

She said: the day the wind, you are looking for a job?

Ah. Lu Tianfeng nod.

Xue said: Do you find it?

No, they are said to have enough people. Lu days the wind shook his head.

Xue refrained excited, and said: Then I can help you find it.

Do you? Lu Tianfeng suspicion.

Xue Duqi small lips: You do not believe people, really hate, people are not as you imagine it?

Lu days the wind shook his head, but added fat middle-aged man noticed that behind, he asked: Is this?

Obese middle-aged people like openings, Xue has grabbed the Buddist: He is my father’s men, my father has branches in Computer City is Chen Shu in management.

Lu Tianfeng nod.

See Lu Xue days the wind is not much excitement, her anxious, and my heart and said: Come on, say you find a job soon, the lady will give you work it, Kaka Lo ……

Can land day the wind did not speak, just glanced at the watch, his face had wanted to leave parajumpers free shipping the plan. Xue anxious, obese middle-aged man touches the side and said: Young man, you’re just the right candidates to come to our store? But just made a mistake, there is a vacancy, if you do not work, you can come here to do.

Lu Tianfeng a move: You Shun Computer City store is?

Ah, we shop Shun Computer City, Tianhe District, parajumpers sale free shipping a branch is located, we Shun headquarters in the south, Miss Xia Xue’s father was our big boss, each employee had to know.

At this point Xue face full of pride, she looked eager to land the day the wind, her eyes full of expectations.

Lu days the wind could not resist: So, I was able to work into the Shun Computer City, are relying on the XIA Xue?

Xue face glowing red with excitement, eager to land day, looking at the wind, her heart full of desire: Fast thank my friends, Kaka Lo ……

Obese middle-aged man nodded: ah, yes, this is Miss Xia help you if you come, I’ll give you double wages a month is seven thousand.

Tian Lu Feng heart of a dynamic, double pay, this is his dream, and saved himself Xue, this compensation is not excessive, but also thought Tianfeng Lu Jie. Li Jie regarded his friend, the two went into the original KTV, help each other, be a friend, but now ……

Obese middle-aged man said: Young man, do not hesitate to let it go to work tomorrow.

Lu Tianfeng hesitated, but finally nodded his head: ah.

Xue excited clap hands, small glowing blush, laughing: the day the wind, it was very good.

But also from that day, Lu Xue-day wind and started

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