You can never be too safe, nowadays. A can of pepper spray wouldn’t be enough at rough times and your feet wouldn’t always bring you to your home base, safe. With the crime rate increasing by the second,, certainty when it comes to safety is not a luxury most of us have.
Just paranoia? We beg to differ! Here in Tampa,mbt shoes uk, FL we like to call it preparation.

Gracie Barra Evolution Martial Arts is Tampa’s premier school for self-defense since 1992, located in 14436 N Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, Florida. Gracie Barra Evolution Martial Arts is also known for offering world-class mixed martial arts lesson that caters to kids and young adults of all ages,mbt sandals uk.
Today, Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) seem to be everywhere, especially with the UFC booming the national television blow by blow with all the violent grappling and striking. Gracie Barra Evolution Martial Arts, however, has the intention of teaching kids and young adults MMA for self-defense alone, whereas violence is the last lesson that we would ever teach. It is packed with programs and workouts that not only help you make fit and toned, but also equips you with skills that mainly use self-defense techniques.
Now if that’s not yet good news then prepare for this: Gracie Barra Evolution Martial Arts is now offering a 30-Day Free Trial for those who are interested to test the water before jumping right in. We will offer you classes like Kardio Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and more all for free. We will let you catch the mood; give you a feel of our world-class programs and who knows, you might join the wagon soon, No age limit no requirement whatsoever. Just bring you and your body here with us and join our programs headed by professional and experienced trainers—all for free,mbt shoes uk!
Be confident and worry-free with our programs and classes– because like they always say, it is better safe than sorry.
Equip yourself and your family with right tool here with us. Visit Evolution Martial Arts and try our 30-Day Free Trial.
Evolution Martial Arts 14436 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33618 United States +1 (813) 961-5425

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