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http://tomsshoessaleonline11.tumblr.com,A lot of people think that their practice is unique,longchamp handbags. However, they never really take the time to know what makes them different from other practices. Generally, you get better results on some techniques than on others. The question is have you identified which techniques and treatments are most effective for you? Probably,longchamp outlet, quite a bit, because the beauty of private practice is that you tailor it to your likes, dislikes,toms outlet, hours, procedures,ray ban wayfarer, etc. Another question to ask is if you are able to use these successes in all of your marketing and networking? Great practices communicate these to their patients and their community by effective positioning. But a lot of other offices never effectively communicate these, and thus they leave a tremendous marketing opportunity on the table,ray ban. This is not about big buck campaigns. These are just simply what your staff and your patients should perceive,louis vuitton outlet, as to why they should be in your practice and refer patients to YOU!

Mission statements

Do you have a mission statement that clearly states what your practice is about and where it’s going? Have you applied this statement to all of your policies,louis vuitton borse, marketing, employee policies, patient policies and decision-making. The mission statement is one of the most important steps in building your practice and making it unique. The mission statement identifies where you are going and what you are all about,longchamp outlet. The quickest way to do this is to make a list of what you enjoy about practice most. After all, this should be about your own happiness and satisfaction,longchamp outlet, as well as excellence in patient care. Once you have completed your mission statement,ray ban wayfarer, look at all of your policies. Are they in line with your mission statement? Your newsletters, notes and publications,ray ban carava, do they agree with the mission statement? If not they all need to be changed to agree with your mission statement. Your mission statement will always be an extension of you,toms!

Finding the focus

Now that you have your mission statement,discount toms, check if your meetings,occhiali louis vuitton, newsletters and business cards reflect this statement,lunette ray ban? If not, find out why not?

You should start right away into putting this statement into everything you do,longchamp taschen online. You can start by weaving a common thread into staff meetings, patient newsletters (which you do every month, right,longchamp bags?) and even your phone messages,longchamp bags. This statement should live and breathe in your practice all the time,toms outlet.

Once this is accomplished, make sure that your staff and patients know it. Include it in your newsletter and post it in a prominent place in your office where your staff, your patients and any other visitors will see it. Why is this important? Because if you live and breather your mission statement, your community, patients and staff recognize one thing that is said loud and clear: “I care!”

Defining your mission

First of all,longchamp outlet, what is your favorite case type or types? What types of conditions do you treat best, for example, and how do patients identify them,ray ban pas cher. A good example here is scoliosis, asthma, or what other conditions you may excel at,longchamp outlet. Most staff is really observant about this part, and will gladly help you. What you are best at is always the case types that interest you the most,toms shoes. Your staff and patients can tell which they are because of the excitement and energy in your voice,longchamp outlet.

Maybe yours is a family practice,borse alviero martini, and your focus is athletic injuries or nutrition counseling,lunette ray ban. One of the things that will help you the most is a short catchphrase,toms outlet. So, you might use a statement like “Preferred Practice of Local Athletes”, “Ask about our Energy Boosting Programs” or “We Care for the Entire Family”. Just be sure it is short,What Makes Your Practice Unique ,ray ban pas cher, simple and concise,longchamp borse. Beware of too short or too general. Although “We care” may be great, it does not communicate what you care about! Watch out for the common phrases everyone is using,ongchamp le pliage shop online. Ones that are too common are hard for people to remember,longchamp handbags. Take a common one and twist the phrase a little and you have one that you can remember,longchamp bags.

Next, use simple tag lines, which identify what makes you unique,longchamp taschen, like “Practice dedicated to Families”,What Makes Your Practice Unique ,longchamp taschen, “Early Morning Convenience” or “Four nights a week ’til 7 PM” (which is ours at HSG) in all your communications and advertising. What ever this tag line is, it should be so much apart of you and your practice that when people hear the phrase they naturally think of your practice. This simple measure will start to drive more referrals to your practice, with very little expenditure or effort,´╗┐toms shoes. This is “Guerilla Marketing” at its finest,longchamp online,What Makes Your Practice Unique . If you do the newsletters and other letters and pamphlets in your office with publishing software,What Makes Your Practice Unique , all you have to do is change the template and each time you do a new pamphlet or newsletter it is already included.

Next, set up every marketing system in your practice to be congruent with this,toms online, and make sure every system is set up to be on autopilot,longchamp taschen, as part of your Perfect Practice Platform. All you have to do to fix this is simple,alviero martini scarpe; whatever you do ask yourself this question,longchamp sale, “Does this agree with my mission statement?” This technique will always have you on autopilot. When you always compare everything you do to your mission statement and your focus for your practice, it will automatically point you in the right direction. Always keep your direction and mission statement in focus.

Lastly, evaluate yourself regularly,longchamp outlet; ask your staff and your patients if you are still in focus and following the mission,What Makes Your Practice Unique . Read over it yourself. Find out if you yourself is in line with what you have written as your mission. Do you still feel the same way? If anyone questions it or criticizes that what you are doing is not in agreement with the mission statement,alviero martini outlet, sit down with them and find why they feel that way. And above all else LISTEN to what they say,toms shoes. Although you may not agree with what is said, you may learn something. Never be afraid to make a change. However, make sure that it is called for before making the change,longchamp sale.Related articles:





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