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2013,http://www.frlongchamppascher2013.comFor the first time in 20 years I had to miss shows when the band played a few festivals this past summer,soldes longchamp. Needless to say it was very,sacs moins cher, very strange not being there,sac longchamp le pliage. I have been trying to land a permanent resident show for next year which would leave me a little more time to tour with SB but that has not happened yet and I don’t know when exactly that will happen,soldes longchamp. I recently signed for another year with Cirque because I cannot just get up and quit until something else can takes its place,Chanel pas cher. I am sure you all understand that I have to take care of my main responsibility and that is my family,burberry pas cher. Spock’s Beard has never been the main money maker for me,chanel lunettes, or any of the other guys in the band,sacs pas cher. We have always had to do other things to supplement our incomes and for me now the other thing just happens to be Cirque,longchamp pas cher.

The Spock’s guys want to keep moving forward and it is just Murphy’s Law for SB that everyone else is totally available to tour at the moment and I am not,foulard burberry,Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep. For many years, I was available for anything but we couldn’t tour as much as we wanted because of other schedules. Now with my job it doesn’t look like I am going to be available anytime soon. I totally understand where the guys are coming from, wanting to tour and make new albums and I have too much respect for them and SB to say that they cannot keep going without me. The guys are eager to keep the ball rolling, and as hard as that is to imagine without me I give them my blessing fully and wish them nothing but the best in whatever they do,Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep.

SO for my future, even with the crazy schedule of my Cirque job I have still been able to release a new solo EP “PIECES” recently and even did some solo shows. Those things are easier for me to do because I can do those within the areas that I am living at the time and I am planning on many more solo gigs in the future so keep an eye and ear out for those announcements. I will be going back to London at the beginning of 2012 with Cirque and during that time I will be able to get back down to Rob Aubrey’s studio to do some more sessions with the great BIG BIG TRAIN and even try and finish a project that got started a number of years ago now called “PULSE” with Mike Holmes of IQ fame. I am also writing a lot for more solo music of my own.

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