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To people who ve lost loved ones in the many wars that America has gone through as well as those who are currently serving in the military have a right to be upset about it since they are the ones who consider the many people and their families when they place their hands on their heart. My family has had many generations of people being in the military and we along with many other people think about the many people who have put their lives on the line on a daily basis when they go off to war so we can go on living life in the FREE world while the people in other countries have to watch what they say whenever they re out in public. I know that Barack Obama is not the person that I want for a president due to sooo many different things. When a politican or anyone doesn t put their hand over their heart it s bound to send mix messages to the voters especially those who have had family members serve and die in the military,christmas day nba uniforms, those that have served and able to return home safely, as well as those who are currently serving in the military now. September, at am nbsp Murdock nbsp says When are all of you whining sissy l.


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