melanotan 2 The Twins’ First Mammogram_1

This little adventure happened last summer, and it’s 100% true – embarrassing, but true.

At the age of 50, I’m ashamed to say that I had never before had a mammogram. I guess I was scared. I’ve heard so many stories of how melanotan 2 a typical mammogram was much like placing your breasts in the refrigerator and slamming the door shut. That would hurt…a lot. I had also heard horror stories from my friends and co-workers about their experiences. One pal, Jill, told me her story.

Jill’s first mammogram didn’t go well. When they positioned her breasts on the screen, she immediately passed out. A few minutes later, she woke up on the floor naked from the waist up and surrounded by strangers. I certainly didn’t want this to happen to me!

After my SED rate kept increasing, showing inflammation or cancer somewhere in my body, my doctor was finally able to convince me of the importance of mammograms. I made an appointment with my local hospital for the procedure.

One reason for my hesitation? I’ve always been well hygetropin sale endowed…VERY well endowed. I’m talking 46 GG’s. My husband refers to them as “the twins,” and they’re often the butt of good natured jokes from him and my closest friends. injectable hcg When they discovered igf-1 lr3 that I had scheduled an appointment, I kept getting comments about the twins’ breaking the mammogram machine.

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