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Diabetes is hormonal and metabolic disease that is characterized with too high level of glucose in blood and urine that stays there and cannot be accepted by body cells that need it desperately for all their functions . Glucose is precious and essential food for our body, source of our vital energy, without receiving it, body cells literally starve. Diabetes is state of starvation body cells from one side and unhealthy excess of vital energy on the places where is not supposed to be, and where is not useful but harmful. .

Hormone insulin, produced by pancreas, is key to open the body cells to be able to receive needed energy, hgh supplements but diabetics suffer from the one of two problems:

in Diabetes Mellitus 1, Buy Sustanon 250 they cannot produce enough of insulin, so majority of glucose stays unused in blood in Diabetes Mellitus 2, diabetics are more likely to produce enough of insulin, but their body cells don`t want to accept it, so they cannot open to receive glucose to be fed.

Such condition seriously damages all body organs – from one side, those ones that anavar sale do not receive food start to deteriorate because of starvation, and the other ones, that have unhealthy excess of it, gets seriously damaged because of too high level of glucose .

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