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To perform this exercise, you must have an Inversion Table. If you don’t have an inversion table you can substitute it by fastening your ankle on a hanging strap and then hang upside down. The concept here it to stretch your lower body bones, i.e, your knee and thigh joints in order to make the cartilages between the bones grow in length.

This workout also has a great additional advantage. Along with lengthening the lower body, this buy hgh online exercise also elongates the spine since you are handing upside down against gravity. When compared with any other hanging exercise intended for height increase, this workout is considered superior because you will be able to hang for a longer time as you are using your legs instead of your palms

How to do?

Whether you are using an Inversion Table or manually hanging upside down using a strap, make sure that you are balanced well. Slowly let your body fall freely jintropin with gravity. Then, gradually stretch your knees and spine and hold as long as you can. Then relax. The longer you longer, greater will be the result. In fact, Inversion is considered as the ultimate Stretching exercise for increasing height naturally

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