000 a year when the socalled Bushera tax cuts expire at the end of 2012

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WASHINGTON A plan by Senate Democrats to let income tax rates rise for wealthier Americans takes a softer line on taxing dividends than President Barack Obama’s proposal, easing the tax load on the rich.The draft plan, circulating among lobbyists and confirmed by Senate Democrats, mostly embodies Obama’s proposal to extend lower tax rates for households earning up to $250,000 a year when the so-called Bush-era tax cuts expire at cheap jerseys the end of 2012, while ending the cuts for higher incomes.But with the plan, dividends would be taxed at half the rate proposed by the Democratic president.Obama’s 2013 budget proposed bringing tax rates for dividends up to those for ordinary income, which would result in a tax rate of about 40 percent for the highest-income groups.Senate Democrats’ plan would raise dividend taxes from the current 15 percent rate to 20 percent, according to a summary.The plan comes amid an intense lobbying push, with dividend-paying companies like Verizon Communications, United Parcel Service and Southern Company cheap authentic nfl jerseys among those pressing their case with influential lawmakers in recent months.Chief executives from shareholder-owned electric companies, including Southern, Xcel Energy and NextEra Energy, are making the rounds with lawmakers in Washington this week.The Democratic-controlled Senate will vote on the legislation within weeks, accelerating a partisan battle over tax rates ahead of the November 6 presidential and congressional elections.

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