Planet was such a powerful bombardment, is bound to cause changes in the earth’s crust and the planet angle offset caused Shanbengdelie, the consequences of climate changes is definitely not able to recover for decades.

So, on hearing Hilda Faith instituted when such powerful battleship, his interest is very strong. As a battleship and mech double engineering guru, Wu Mu-class warships designer, Yun Yi for his huge battleship had never seen a strong interest, even more than with this group of people have to return to Berwick interest intense. If they could enlighten me on this giant spaceship, examine its main structure, that for his spaceship design ideas will has enormous benefits.

Ah, that bottle God warships. Hilda Little Faith nodded his head: when I was a bottle vice God, when most of the time are among those spaceships. Bottle that does not like riding spaceships, compared to that ship ship in, he prefers some of the small high-speed craft, so only time will http://wiki.menntaborg.is/index.php/Notandi:Iuofol5j#jevbuhzg appear in a small spacecraft into a few months ago, I had a trip to go back and see that spaceships still there, but did not go see.

You’ve seen a few months ago that spaceships, that is to say Aquarius God’s death, but also stay in place? Ship where? Yun Yi asked some can not wait, he already could not wait to sail to that position .

Hilda Faith is not interested in seeing Yun Yi continue to eat, they went to the living room holding the optical brain over, open Iseli Las star charts amplification, pointing north near 艾尔塔维耶 near a planet : It was http://sq86.cn/office/plus/view.php?aid=521275 here, called Fan tin star, the planet is a very common, commercial and tourism, manufacturing is not very well developed. ah …… no garrison. So saying, she points to open that planet, after amplification, means somewhere in the southern hemisphere, said: This is a broad expanse of grasslands, the scenery is very good, sparsely populated, there are several nearby originally farming company, but in the bottle is zoned to God after they have been driven away.

Yun Yi silently watching the patch of grassland, a moment later, zoomed out, re-create the entire Iseli Las maps. Then, along the rapid tapping his hands, a red spot appear on the map, and in accordance with certain lines slowly moving forward.

This is …… Hilda Faith seemed not believe Yun Yi looked up, surprised and said: Is Iseli the route Las fleet?

Yun Yi nodded, eyes never left the screen, his hands rapidly tapping, calculation of each fleet routes, detection range and elapsed time. Soon, from their current location to the Tin Star Fan emerge between several routes, each one are close to the fleet between the edge of the detection range of swim, but http://www.chinabim.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=341428 just to avoid a two or even a range of multi-vessel fleet, very clever.

Hilda Faith looked at the quiet side, looked at from time to time with a focus on computing admire a man. She did not ask him how to get these fleets operating data, such information, I am afraid some of the senior officers are not necessarily all know that only those Iseli located in Las Military Affairs Department’s top few people would be aware of such clear.

Since Yun Yi did not tell yourself, that she will not ask for. Everyone has their own secret.

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