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Concept of God touching, he would be able to clearly feel the energy of nuclei constitute While the firm level.

Suzhuo in the void, slightly docked moment, and parajumpers sale men flew toward the depths of Shanghai.

Before that one area, could not go there, Suzhuo where and two consecutive games against Zerg guide, there will certainly have attracted the attention of the Zerg.

At this point he strength of incompetence, shot for a place that is the best choice.

However, Suzhuo also worried, do not encounter the Zerg guide, but encountered a higher Zerg, so along the way flight, gingerly, wary of what caused the attention of powerful presence.

His careful, soon there will be a return, Su Zhuogang flying without 20 km, suddenly, felt a tyrannical matchless concept of God toward him sweep to.

Suddenly, Suzhuo excited Lingling shuddered, and that the concept of God is too powerful, far more than Suzhuo cognitive areas, absolutely can not be issued by the middle Zerg.

Suzhuo immediately without hesitation, turn, control the time to launch, fast to leave.

Body of two hundred and first chapter: Metro Crisis (a)

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Unsolicited Shanghai at the beginning, Suzhuo to expect, will encounter a strong presence. So an encounter that Road powerful concept of God, Suzhuo immediately without hesitation, Feitui withdraw, leaving Shanghai.

He has been flying hundreds of miles away, in the place stood a moment, the direction of a turn, re-direction away toward Shanghai.

Only this time, he again changed a region.

Zerg once encountered the strong soul, Suzhuo act, the more careful. And he changed the way, no longer trying to Shanghai depths away, because deep to go to Shanghai, will inevitably encounter Zerg strong.

Before the time, he was lucky just met that emit strong Zerg concept of God, the next time, he may not have such good luck.

So he changed the way in Shanghai’s edge, in fact, gathered a lot of Zerg, but these Zerg, is too weak, is Suzhuo to directly ignored. But now, Suzhuo then began playing the Zerg idea.

As long as these ruthless killing Zerg Zerg can not send experts to come?

And Suzhuo not shot, he parajumpers sale jacket had to swallow four nuclei, had summoned four frozen puppet, this four frozen puppet Suzhuo after a round in the careful observation, found that these puppets have become very powerful, not only energy capacity Over Suzhuo now able to call out 180 000 C, reaching 200 000 C degree, but after being in four different energy soak, and let this four puppets, give rise to very different changes.

So, Suzhuo will mobilize the four puppets appeared parajumpers sale jacket in the open strangulation Zerg, this four puppet, now a single strength, although not as good as Zerg guide, but it is already equivalent to more powerful Zerg leader, kill the periphery of these Zerg, nothing can be said to be easy.

And whenever a puppet of the energy which left, below 100,000, Suzhuo will supplement its energy to maintain their operation.

Just one morning, this four puppets smote thousands Zerg.

Suzhuo, has been hidden in the dark observation.

In the afternoon, about two or three, when Su Zhuogang frozen as a puppet.

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