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3 km, cold boat …… we have pondered how long?

20 minutes. Suzhuo said, because of this underground passage is so long that digs very deep, it may be said, can not withstand the Zerg Fengrui limb of the excavation.

So so. Zhou Miao then speak, Suzhuo, you and I have cold boat, the three of us, man assault, toward the inside depth, digging channels to prevent the Zerg, NIE Ping, you take all, alternating operational as soon as possible toward that position forward!


No time to hesitate, three starting immediately. Suzhuo physique of a move, out of the king snake missile hit, followed by three stature, followed by forward snatched.

The ability of the perceiver blessing, he knows, the king snake will channel does not blow up the missile, the missile exploded 50 meters away, suddenly mess up the Zerg, while three people, then crossed numerous bugs, snatched forward, Sue Zhuozhou Miao led the way, cold boat rear, just clean out tricky Zerg.

The second missile launch king snake hair, in this case, Suzhuo suddenly felt a surge of boundless spiritual energy, toward him and Zhou Miao bombardment from, five ghost face worm in a row this time issued together attack.

Turned psychic attack can also be superimposed on! Suzhuo little fast step forward, majestic spiritual energy, through the body, and the kind of spiritual power in a bombardment, Suzhuo slight stagger, step back, and immediately stepped forward, his body covered with a light week, immediately compressed cohesion, into a 5 Ghost worms within the body.


5 Ghost worm into the fly ash, Suzhuo fired missiles third gold pocket king snake. At this time, several road silver electricity, avoid pocket king snake missiles toward the side and to the flyby.

Crazing mantis! Suzhuo parajumpers sale jacket mind a condensate, boundless energy through the body out into the dolphin energy group, scattered toward the arrival of five that crazes mantis. At the same time, the rear is 5 crazes mantis, with two Mageweave flies Puzhi!

12 four Zerg!

I never thought Zerg forbear so deep, there are so many 4 Zerg, never appeared before! Suzhuo a cold heart and hands but did not hesitate, boundless energy spewing out more 50 meters in length channel range, up to 2000C energy spread out. Compressed into a round light, toward the 12 four parajumpers sale jacket Zerg squeeze away!

I heard the sound of loud, up to 50 meters of the channel, completely enveloped in flames within the energy group explosion, Zerg scream, light regiment took the opportunity to go into a Zerg mouthparts into depth Zerg abdominal cavity, and only in Suzhuo parajumpers gobi sale powerful concept of God under the light regiment arrived Zerg can be so precisely within the abdominal cavity, and then, hundreds of compression energy group, in vivo Zerg 12 4 compression again, explode!

Thundered Long!

Shook up the entire underground passage, 12 four Zerg into ashes, Suzhuo body slightly crooked, which is the energy consumption is too high-capacity performance.

Go! Zhou Miao cold boat, either side sandwiched Suzhuo, will he rushed toward the front with I can manage. Suzhuo said.

Two people let go, cold boat rear, Zhou Miao front, Suzhuo center, started to gather strength and rejuvenate.

This time, Suzhuo discovered, Zhou Miao strength at this time is also not to be underestimated, has been, Zhou Miao energy capacity is growing very fast manner, which

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