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His magic overnight through this trick attack, and finally seize the opportunity to attack, of course, the premise is Cai Baoqi attacks did not hit their vital ……

Cai Baoqi has begun moves, or the same moves, but also flexible agility than the birds of the air applied to the steering, really tough, and Robert, still the same as the parajumpers sale jacket previous one confrontation, straightened himself, looked preoccupied Cai Baoqi struck.

Robert’s eyes, Cai Baoqi’s really like parajumpers sale jacket a slippery autumn loach, grasping unpredictable, this time, or the time to keep up with the same moves you? Sure enough, he turned in midair, the goal is that their eyes! Good vicious, Robert flash, even avoiding Cai Baoqi first attack!

Cai Baoqi body a turn behind the steering at Robert, ten fingers with a long blade, insert the Robert waist, where the vital organs, the kidneys!

Too fast, not avoid, Robert body twist, put the top up his ass, Cai Baoqi a grasping, pulling thorns heard, Robert ass flesh was ripped in half, Cai Baoqi attacks, even just ancient live cut torture in general.

Cai Baoqi body and twist in the air, this time, cut to a third below the ribs, a shocking attack against the organs of the lungs, good weird angles, Robert Paul handsome once again abandoned the vehicle, the arm bone out a direct cuts of meat, came the last time, came.

Cai Baoqi suddenly a turn in the air, leaving Robert’s body, this time the attack on Robert, is already painful enough, and not trying to mutation emergent, Robert, took another big hand caught Cai Baoqi of claws, and regardless of weapon-depth bone.

Robert Renzhaojutong dying, said, four times, right? The me ah!

Cai Baoqi after hearing his face upheaval, I just used once in front of him, he was caught weaknesses yet? Robert said the four, is Cai Baoqi kick in the air through the magic angle changing times!

Body at least five pounds of meat Robert momentum fierce exploded, as Jingzhe Chunlei, Cai Baoqi whole are under the shadow of his momentum, true? Dragon big flurry!

Ultimate strength of 32%! ! ! !

Robert abused for a long time and finally found the opportunity, is also welcome, with his white bones exposed Mori’s arm, attack! Side door, two legs, kicked directly Cai Baoqi chin! Cai Baoqi true in Piaoqi the air, Robert Mondavi his head, attack! Attack! Then attack! To just tear the meat I spit ah! !

Dragon big flurry final blow! Leg whip! Floating target, but not finished, hands straight, flat push in the chest, King Xiang roar fist! !

Ultimate strength of 33%! !

Cai Baoqi Chen Guohan repeat the mistakes, King Xiang shouted punches directly parajumpers gobi sale into the injured.

Yeah! Yeah!

Two brothers Terrific! Sakazaki lily in the audience shouted.

And Robert Sakazaki lily against revealing a smile, the body of a crooked, fainted, he is also to a spent force.

Body of three hundred and twentieth chapters broken against the half cut and shadowless blast heavy foot section

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Robert in the game and Cai Baoqi suffer, excessive bleeding, he finally collapsed in the ring directly, but the staff was declared

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