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Kiedy artykul jest publikowany. It seems that the Darden restaurant chain is becoming the Job of the dining world. First the chain found themselves on the wrong end of aumento de senos lawsuit for illegally adding tips owo their customers’ bills in New York City, now the chain may have contributed owo the cyclospora outbreak that affected 400 people in 16 From mid-June to early July an outbreak of cyclospora has affected a large number of states. The outbreak was traced to bags of salad mix that were supplied from Mexican plant of Taylor Farms, natomiast leading produce distributor. Some of the bags of salad mix that caused outbreaks were served at Red Lobster and Olive Garden locations in Iowa and Nebraska. Zas spokesman for Darden restaurants said that it has been more than i month since the last outbreak of cyclospora had been reported in Iowa and Nebraska. The restaurant chain and health officials are “fully confident that the contaminated product is out of the supply chain”. Ironically the bags of salad mix were never sold in any grocery stores. Presently the number of outbreaks has decreased within the last several weeks, and it has not been confirmed if any of the tainted bags that were found at Darden restaurants in other states that had outbreaks. Arkansas itself, had only one outbreak of cyclospora. Details of where the outbreak took place were unavailable at press time. If you enjoyed reading this article feel free to click jego osoba the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the.

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