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I’m no stranger to black,ralph lauren pas cher, but Christian Siriano’s Fall 2011 collection proved that he clearly understands it way better than I,ralph lauren pas cher, or most, could ever hope to,polo ralph lauren enfant. The most color in the room Thursday night wasn’t on the runway,ralph lauren home, but was relegated to the front row, where fashion darling Alexa Chung sported a fox-printed jumpsuit with a wonderful pop of red heels, and Gabrielle Union wore a less wonderful teal-print dress,ralph lauren pas cher. Mena Suvari was more on Siriano’s wavelength,polo ralph lauren pas cher, dressed in head-to-toe black,polo ralph lauren pas cher, with platform heels that looked suspiciously like they came from Payless (we’ll get to that later),pull ralph lauren.

For a collection starved of color,lunette ralph lauren, the Project Runway victor’s looks didn’t suffer for it — they gained strength from the dark,ralph lauren soldes. Black was literally all you could look at — the models wore minimal makeup, with hair left mostly unfussed: slightly crimped, frizzed out, and falling limply on their shoulders. How did this not get boring,ralph lauren 2013? Siriano diversified black in a couple ways — meshing his knits, chiffons, silks,polo ralph lauren pas cher, leathers,polo ralph lauren pas cher, and cashmeres, and pairing them in such a way that made the color shine,ralph lauren pas cher.

It wasn’t an easy sell, though,polo ralph lauren pas cher. When the show opened with a round of long chiffon skirts (see slideshow),polo ralph lauren, I was skeptical. There’s something about sheer black against the skin that is not right,polo ralph lauren. But things improved from there, especially by the time the simple-yet-striking look to the right came along.

Siriano’s use of scale was one of the more exciting elements,polo ralph lauren, layering his fabrics in such a way that almost worked like a body-contorting illusion. Take the image to your left — a short skirt that’s longer than meets the eye. Flirty-yet-conservative skirt, where have you been all my life?

There were a few toss offs, some for lack of originality, others for, well, not being quite black enough. I could have skipped the token pink pastels Siriano threw in — if you’re going to go funereal, color just feels wrong.

Another misstep was the choice of heel. Siriano, who designs for Payless Shoes, used his chunky, Payless platforms all through the show. They were to blame for at least one major fall, a couple stumbles, and a handful of awkward walks. But hey, what are a few casualties next to a black knit turtleneck with a satin-faced organza tulip skirt? I’d be runway roadkill for that, too.

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