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I know you thought it was risky, especially after getting the brief a bit wrong the day before at the Vuitton store opening, but I telling you babes, it the look. Everyone doing it. MOSSY did it the other day, it was all over the runways like, how much more proof do you need? And besides babe, you looked hot. Like, HOT hot, not just salesgirl in a clothes shop trying to get you to buy a skirt you know is too tight, hot. Serious hot. Marto must loved it did he?? Your whole outfit was da bomb babes, like all and spacey and stuff you looked like a way hotter Judy Jetson than Judy Jetson. I mean, that cute little candy-pink dress, and matching shoes (and nail polish!!) and that cool green necklace and that sexy black kohl around your eyes to keep it fresh and modern and sexy as opposed to housewifey WHOA!! People might even start to forget that grosso see-through dress you wore to the Oscars that time if you keep this up!!!! Kidding babe, you looked hot in that dress too. Love ya.

And you know, obviously, now that you done it, my cause to make people understand that these classic backcombed hairdos are back is gonna be heaps easier. Thanks babes. Owe you one!!!

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