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Soybean milk rich in vegetable protein, lecithin, vitamin B1, B2, niacin and iron content of calcium, and tofu, though not high, but more than any other dairy products are rich in soy milk is the prevention and treatment of high blood lipids, atherosclerosis and other diseases good food.

Drink soy milk should pay attention to four key index of milk quality

Health Index: A, the operator’s body is healthy

B, beans, water and utensils clean;

C, environmental sanitation how? Whether mosquitoes, flies, mice, etc. source of infection;

D, pulping process can guarantee health.

New index: A, the best finish in 2 hours to make, especially in the summer, or easily degenerate;

B,mbt sandals, it is best to do now is drink, not sure for the best freshness Do not drink.

Concentration index: A, good soy beans should share a deep sense of smell, high concentration, slightly cool the surface layer of oil when the skin, taste slippery;

B, bad light thin soy milk and some flour to enhance the use of additives and the concentration of low nutrient content, homogenizing effects of bad flavor.

Cooked index: A,http://mbtfootwearuk.webs.com/, Health and soy milk soap contains toxins and anti-trypsin and other components, can not be gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, after drinking prone to nausea, vomiting,mbt footwear uk, diarrhea and other symptoms;

B, the above substances in milk may be decomposed fully cooked;

C, soy milk after boiling with high heat to change to slow fire boiled for about 5 minutes, thoroughly cooked.

Why do first foam bean milk?

Outer layer is a layer of soy can not be digested dietary fiber, it prevents absorption of soy protein in the human body. Do milk soak beans before, so that the outer layer can be softened, and then by crushing, filtering, full heating, may increase the relative rate of digestion and absorption of nutrients of soybean (up 90%, making only 65% of soybean). In addition, because the hull attached to the layer of dirt, very difficult if not thoroughly cleaned by immersion. With dry beans to make soy milk at a concentration, nutrient absorption rate, taste, smell and so they do not compare soy milk made with foam bean. So, do a good idea to soak beans soy milk, can increase the effectiveness and the pulp crushing rate, but also healthcare,mbt shoes uk. Directly with dried beans can still do an occasional soy milk, regular drinking can be bad.

Should not use the water directly to do foam bean milk

Some people for the easy way out, after cleaning the beans on

Soymilk Immersion, and direct water with foam bean milk regularly do. This is ill conceived. We all know that soaking soybeans for some time, color will turn yellow, floating on the surface a lot of blisters, it is because a large soybean alkaline,sale mbt shoes, after the fermentation caused by the immersion. Especially in summer, more prone to odor and bad, the breeding of bacteria. So make the milk is not only alkaline taste, soy milk is not tasty, but not health, human health damage after drinking, may lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting. So, after soaking soybean milk to be sure to do wash several times with water, removed yellow alkaline, and then replace with fresh water production. This is the good taste to make soy milk needs, but also health and health guarantee. Must not be the easy way to do directly with the water soaked soy milk, so as not to damage their health.

Magical effect of bean dregs Milk residue left

do Do not throw away the best, soybean is also a good thing, soybean is rich in crude fiber, with laxative effect, eat it regularly can prevent constipation.
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