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The AP2 Ultra is a high,mbt prezzi
quality heavy duty automatic binding punch that is designed for the
highest volume punching environments.Although
this machine comes with a fairly hefty price tag, most organizations
that do a high volume of punching find that they are able to recoup
their investment in less than two years.

Overview: The AP2 Ultra is a high
quality heavy duty automatic binding punch that is designed for the
highest volume punching environments.

This machine is
designed for users who do a lot of punching and want the ability to set
a stack of paper on their machine and walk away.

The AP2 is
designed to be fast, versatile and easy to use. It is a popular choice
for larger print shops, binderies, in-plant printers and copy shops,http://mbtscarpe001.webs.com/.

this machine comes with a fairly hefty price tag, most organizations
that do a high volume of punching find that they are able to recoup
their investment in less than two years.

Strengths / Features:

AP2 Ultra is an incredibly fast punch. It is capable of punching up to
56,000 sheets of paper an hour and averages 40,000 sheets per hour for
most applications. This means that the AP2 can punch as many as 80
reams of paper in one hour of operation. This means that even large
punching jobs that would normally take hours on a desktop punch can be
completed in minutes with the AP2.

This punch is also really
easy to use. All you need to do is load a large stack of paper into the
top of the machine, press the button and a few minutes later the stack
will be punched. The machine does it all and the operator is able to
work on other tasks while the AP2 is punching. There is an LCD display
panel on the front of the machine that tells you the status of the
machine and there are a few different adjustments. However, this
machine isn’t really complicated.

Another strength of the
AP2ultra is its relatively small footprint. It is no secret that most
print shops and production environments are short on floor space. The
AP2 measures 25″ x 53″ x 34″ which is significantly smaller than most
other automatic punching solutions. Plus, it is mounted on wheels with
castors to allow it to easily be pushed out of the way when it is not
in use.

The AP2 Ultra is an upgraded version of the old AP2.
This version has been retrofitted with new components and feed
mechanisms for handling heavier stocks and glossy papers. This is still
not the ideal solution for extremely hard to run sheets,http://mbtprezzi.webs.com/. However, the
new design allows it to run most common uncoated paper stocks that are
part of a normal print environment.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

AP2 ultra does have some limitations on the type of sheets that it can
punch. Although its ability to run heavy and glossy stocks has been
improved it will still have difficulty feeding laminated or coated
sheets. Additionally, it is not recommended to run clear covers or
plastic covers through this machine. Plastic covers will stick together
and have the potential to cause problems with the punching mechanism.
If you were to try and run poly covers through the AP2-Ultra you would
want to make sure that they are collated into your documents. Most
print shops will need a desktop punching unit in addition to this
machine so that they can handle small runs, odd sizes and sheets that
will not run through this machine.

There are a huge variety
of die sets available for the AP2 Ultra. You can use this machine to
punch holes for spiral coil binding, comb binding, twin loop wire,
Velobind, Proclick and 3-Ring binders. However, the die sets can be a
little bit tricky to change and the changeover can take a few minutes.
This makes the AP2 Ultra a great solution for longer runs or short runs
with the same punching pattern. However,mbt scarpe, if you have to constantly
change the die on this machine for short run punching it is quite
possible you will spend more time on the die changes than you will
actually punching your documents.

This machine is somewhat
limited in the size of sheets that it can punch. The smallest sheet
size that it can handle is 5.5″ x 5.5″ and the largest that it can
handle is 12″ x 13″. This means that the AP2 cannot be used to punch
documents for legal sized binding. A standard desktop binding machine
will have to be used for this application.

There are a lot of
moving parts inside the AP2-Ultra. Although this is a reliable machine
it is advisable to look into putting this type of equipment under a
maintenance contract,mbt scarpe. That way you know that you are covered if
something were to happen to the machine. This is especially true for
organizations that use their automatic punch on a daily basis and can’t
afford to be down for extended periods of time.


If your organization has the volume to warrant the cost, the AP2 Ultra is an excellent automatic binding punch.

system is capable of punching a huge amount of paper per hour and can
free up labor inside of your organization to focus on other highly
profitable tasks.

However, there are some paper types and
document sizes that are not compatible with this machine. Most print
shops, binderies and in-plant printers use this type of machine for
their volume punching applications and still use a desktop
interchangeable die punch for short runs, clear covers and laminated

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