If you’re thinking of buying a Mercedes, you’ll have to pick out more options than just the color and type of stereo. There are several different classes of cars as well as body types that are produced.

Mercedes currently has 17 different car classes in production,, and within each of these categories there are several different body types. While it can get confusing, once you understand the code the names are easier to decipher. The class refers to the type of model while the number following it is the engine displacement (although they are not always exact). Each class differs greatly not only in function and style, but price range as well. Some classes have been in production in some form or another for decades, and a few are quite new in the past few years. Here is a short overview of a few of the popular classes.


The C-class is described as a compact executive car and was first produced in 1993, The models have had varying degrees of success in the market. On one hand,mbt scarpe, the W204 has been named the second best selling luxury car in North America. On the other, the W203 failed to impress buyers. The C-class is well known for its overall reliability and the non-AMG models are reasonably priced. Buyers will also have plenty of options to choose from, making it truly fit to individual taste. It still remains one of the most popular of all vehicles produced by the company.

Comfort Light

The CL is a fairly new class of Mercedes with production beginning officially in 1998. However, it is based off the older S-class sedans that have been around since the mid 1950’s. They both have similar specs except that the CL is the sportier version with a smaller body and only 2 seats as opposed the four in the S. As of 2011, there were four models in production and on the market that include the 500, 600, 63 AMG,, and 65 AMG. The latter is the most expensive model in the entire company range and subsequently has the smallest annual sales. It’s a fun and fast ride that few people have the privilege to afford.


Although the E-class name didn’t stick until 1993, the basic concept has been around since the beginnings of the company in the 30’s. The most recent incarnation, the W212,mbt scarpe, began production in 2009. Since then technology has rapidly evolved and the mid-sized sedans now feature a wide-range of electronic features to assist drivers and increase safety. Highlights include a blind spot monitor, locking folding mirrors, and rear-parking camera. While considered largely a luxury vehicle in the United States, it has become a popular taxi car in many European countries.

Compact Luxury Crossover

The GLK class stands alone with only one single model currently in production. It’s a roomy ride that’s good for families or weekend travelers. Compact SUV cars are becoming increasingly popular and combine spacious interiors with streamlined bodies for easier handling. If it looks a bit military-inspired—it is. It’s also just as rugged with the ability to do a little off-roading. So while the main market may still be mothers who need room for groceries and the kids, it would do just as well for camping or sporting enthusiasts.

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