Diamonds, those many splendoured gems have caught the eye and fancy of mankind since time immerorial, From symbols of entitlement on a royal leader’s crown to a shimmering fashion statement, the stones have seen it all. More than just beautiful symbols of emotions ranging from love and committment to power and wealth, these natural treasures have had several historical landmarks along the way.
It is safe to assume they were indeed used to adorn, as they are used today’s day and age, thanks to their brilliant shine and rarity,; however the myths and legends that surround diamonds are aplenty. These gemstones are also so much more than a pretty topping on an engagement ring or glitzy birthday gift you can pick up at any jewellery store today.

In fact it is said that the earliest recorded incident of this precious gemstone dates back to over thousands of years ago, where they were spotted around 800 BC, some of which were believed to have been created millions of years ago. Said to be first discovered in India, these stones were often used as talismans. Since they are also one of the hardest known natural materials, they were also used as cutting tools. Both beautiful and useful, diamond trading was said to be a common occurence on the illustrious silk road between the countries of India and China, where beautiful diamonds were also treasured for their ability to refract light and even used to cut more practical materials like metal. They eventually found their way to Europe,, due to Alexander the Great, who is said to have brought them over from India.
They have travelled around the world, with more meaning and history than one could imagine. In fact the first ever recorded incident of a diamond used in an engagement ring is said to date all the way back to the Archduke Maximilian in 1477, which he presented to Mary of Burgundy, his lady love. And veering away from the romantic, it is quite fascinating to know that during the Dark Ages, diamonds were also believed to have medicinal properties and there are recorded anecdotes dating back to that period, claiming these gems could cure man of sicknesses and help heal wounds.
Eventually over the years, less attention was given to the mythical and mysterious qualities of diamonds and more to their worth and as part of commerical enterprises. With supplies dwindling in India and an increasing rise in popularity and demand,mbt scarpe, diamond seekers found deposits in places like Brazil,mbt scarpe, Borneo, South Africa and more. India is still however said to be one of the front runners in the industry, bringing to mind one of it’s most famous bright orbs the stunning Koh-I-Noor, a 105.6 carat whopper, once believed to be the largest diamond in the world.
Of course, there have been many fascinating diamonds discovered since then and some that are unparalled in their beauty, ranging in colours, sizes and carat weights like the Centenary Diamond and the blue coloured Heart of Eternity.
Fancy and large diamonds continue to dazzle the masses and the classes and are commonly sighted in the glamour industry today. This molecule of carbon sure has come a long way!
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Timothy Stiles is an avid gemologist and has been involved in the family for over two decades now. A keen gemstone history buff, he has educated himself and others on the many and other precious gemstones.

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