chalk it up to dumb luck The next time proper work attire is neglected

When working with flames or flammable materials, getting the job done isn’t enough. Safety is paramount when you, your staff, or your business could go up in flames. As a general rule, the hottest new fashions on the runway aren’t designed with shop safety in mind. Just as there is a tool for every job, there is flame resistant workwear to pair with any dangerous occupation, Simple precautions matter and could even make the difference between life and death.
Flame-resistant work apparel provides everything the serious welder, mechanic, energy worker, or any number of other occupations require. Safety-conscious work attire should be required in any serious work environment. Your business and your clients rely on your work. A work accident can extend beyond lost work time. It can mean someone’s life. Not to mention it costs money in worker’s compensation. Even more financially devastating, repeated lost-time accidents can discourage potential clients from soliciting your services or even turn established customers away from your company.

A fire caused by improper work attire can be even worse. Without flame resistant workwear, a stray spark easily turns into a lost-time accident,, one that could easily have been avoided. If that stray spark doesn’t grow big enough to do property damage as well, chalk it up to dumb luck. The next time proper work attire is neglected, worse could, and probably will, happen.
Insurance companies don’t take kindly to cleaning up after unnecessary accidents, If you get away with explaining the first event of fire-damage, continually disregarding the need for proper clothing will cause a second disaster you may not find so easy to explain. Of course, you won’t need to play clean up if you don’t survive the first spark that spreads into flame.
Safety in the workplace is important. Meetings on proper lifting techniques, using cutters and torches or operating machinery are important enough to command plenty of company time. Isn’t fire-prevention worth a little time and resource too?
In addition to fabric suitable for your work environment, well-tailored flame resistant clothing provides a tailored, professional fit with a utilitarian cut that eliminates the possibility of catching, snagging, and pulling. Keeping it cool on the job is easier with proper preparation. When serious risk of burns can be evaded and other safety concerns also addressed, why would any conscientious owner or worker in highly flammable work environments choose to go without flame resistant workwear?
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