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Cataract surgical treatment for organic rubber latex allergic individuals

Hypodermic needles and syringes, intravenous cannulae and dressings Plastipak, Microlance, Venflon (Becton Dickinson/Ohmeda), Veca C methods,air jordans cheap, Butterfly infusion set (Becton Dickinson)Iodine and chlorhexidine pre-operative scrubbing brushes Becton Dickinson EZ Scrub SystemAnaesthesiaAnaesthetic bellows (Ohmeda) and rebreathing bags (Ohmeda) include latex but can be utilized appears to be anaesthetic filter can be used. Several of the older equipment in implemented latex in the connecting tubes. Honan balloon process (Altomed) GlovesBiogel M (Regent Health-related)Neotech and Skinsense N (Regent Healthcare)Operating trolley, pillows, matting Oasis headring/rubens pillow (Altomed)Theatre capsNurse and patient theatre caps (Johnson and johnson) elastic can consist of NRLTie back type of surgeon theatre caps (Johnson Johnson)Pre- and postoperative drugs Minims Eye Drops (Bausch and Lomb) Voltarol Ophtha (diclofenac sodium 0.1% Cibavision)Eye shields Cartella Clear Eye Shield (Altomed)Dressings and tape Transpore/Micropore (3M),cheap air jordan, Jelonet/Elastoplast (Smith and Nephew)Ophthalmic cannulae, cystotomes, anaesthesia needles, etc All Steriseal Ophthalmic Cannulae your firm stand out of December 2000 (Maersk) All ophthalmic cannulae, cystotomes, irrigating vectis, capsular polishers, Cautery forceps (Altomed) a statement of October 2001 for goods in products catalogues of April 2001Viscoelastic devices/other intraocular medicationsCertain batches of Amvisc and Amvisc Plus (Bausch and Lomb) before February 1999Amvisc and Amvisc Plus (sodium hyalauronate and Lomb) considering that February 1999 Miochol (acetyl choline novartis)Phacoemulsification systemsBausch and Lomb (Millenium Procedure) Balanced Salt Answer (BS050 rubber seal of bottle) Concentrix Posterior Pack Syringe (Plenty S2056 and minimize) Viscous Fluid Systems (CX5710 and T8170-11)Sovereign disposable tubing set (element OPO50) (Allergan) Allergan AMO Vitrax (component VT265) viscoelastic alternative contains purely natural rubber latex inside cap and syringe stopper AMO SoloPure (part OPO-30C), AMO Econopure (element OPO-35), AMO PhacoPlus Pack (aspect OPO3010) and Phacoemulsification I/A Tubing Set (element OPO-18E) consist of normal rubber with Allergan phacoemulsification machines model numbers 6000,6100,, 6200 and 6300 Intraocular lenses Rayner IOLs Bausch and Lomb IOLs and injector systemsPostoperative careTono Pen Tip Covers (Altomed)Lid Care Wipes (Novartis)
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