http://toms-shoes23.webs.comYes,toms shoes, this is a good idea,abbigliamento online! I know you want to know what is mad money,louis vuitton borse? Well,alviero martini outlet, a long time ago this term came about when a young lady went out with her friend to a party and her friend left her at the party with no way home,alviero martini outlet. So,occhiali oakley, the young lady was mad with her friend that left her at the party and luckily for her,occhiali oakley, she had money stowed away in her shoe to take a cab back home,polo ralph lauren. She thought to herself on her way home in the cab,borse alviero martini, that it was good that her mother had taught her to always have money set aside for emergency situations such as this,borse longchamp!

Thank goodness,borse outlet, this young lady had the forethought to stash her mad money away so she could take a cab back home,oakley jawbone, since her friend left her in a lurch,toms shoes. Get the point,cheap toms? Having an emergency fund whether it be mad money or saved money is important for you to have,alviero martini scarpe. You say,toms womens shoes, how do I go about doing this,cheap toms? Well,longchamp outlet, you can read these tips to help you learn what you can do:

1) Set up a savings account specifically for your emergency fund or mad money fund,louis vuitton outlet. Whatever you want to call it,longchamp borse, just establish one,longchamp borse,Hide Money Away For A Rainy Day!

2) Deposit a certain amount of money on a weekly,toms online, biweekly,alviero martini outlet, or monthly basis in your account,discount toms. You may want to set up automatic deposits to your account via your payroll department,longchamp borse. Or,borse alviero martini, you may want to have your bank automatically withdraw a certain amount of money from your checking account into your emergency or mad money savings account,cheap toms.

3) Try to save at least 2-3 months of your monthly salary to cover your bills for at least three months if you were to loose your job,abbigliamento online. This amount of time will hopefully allow you the cushion you need until you secure new employment,louis vuitton outlet.

4) The money you save in your emergency or mad money account should be used for household emergencies,discount toms shoes online, personal emergencies or if you’re no longer able to work,toms outlet online. Don’t use it for other expenditures such as bills,cheap toms, travel,polo ralph lauren,Hide Money Away For A Rainy Day, etc,cheap toms for men… Get the idea,spaccio oakley,Hide Money Away For A Rainy Day? It’s a savings account that you don’t want to touch unless it’s absolutely necessary,occhiali oakley!

5) Make sure the bank account you put your emergency or mad money into,toms cheap, is paying you the most interest you can earn for this account,occhiali oakley! Research as many sources as possible on securing the best interest rate you can get,ongchamp borse prezzi. Check with your bank,toms shoes, the internet,http://toms-classic-shoes.webs.com, newspaper and other sources for the prevailing interest rate,cheap toms. You want to make sure your money can be accessed easily and quickly if you need it for an emergency,Hide Money Away For A Rainy Day,cheap toms!

By establishing an emergency or mad money fund,borse alviero martini, this will give you a better peace of mind if you need access to money when there is an emergency in your life,toms outlet online. So,alviero martini scarpe, the sooner you start setting money aside for a rainy day,longchamp outlet, the better off you will be! Make sure the amount of money you contribute to your emergency or mad money fund, is realistic for your budget. Save as much as you can without upsetting your overall personal or family finances. So go ahead, get started today!

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