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http://www.chaussuresmagasins.comThe smallest unit it TeX is 1sp (scaled point, 65536 sp = 1 pt). The preview package sets its default margin to 0.50001bp (used on all four sites) to ensure that the final size is never lower than 1bp,What is the smallest paper dimension that can be used in LaTeX. Its manual states that this is because lower sizes can cause issues with Ghostscript. I therefore wouldn’t go below this value either if you plan to use DVI output and convert it using Ghostscript later. As you know EPS files (and some PS) have a BoundingBox header which is gives the box as four integer values in bp. Anything below 1bp is therefore down-rounded to 0pt which causes issues. The additional HiResBoundingBox supports fractional numbers but isn’t always used by all tools.

The same bp unit is used for PDF (which is like (E)PS created by Adobe). I just tested it successfully with a \rule{.001bp}{.001bp} which makes pdfinfo state Page size: 0.001 x 0.001 pts (here pts = bp). The Adobe Acrobat Reader displays that PDF without errors but seems to only be able to display 3bp x 3bp at maximum zoom of 6400%.

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