http://toms-shoes23.webs.comJulius Caesar introduced the extra day the 29th in 45 BC to balance his calendar,longchamp costo. An extra day was added to the Julian calendar,discount toms, which was at the end of the second month in years divisible by four,Men Should Blame Caesar For February 29th,toms shoes.

This was to counter the fact that a solar year is a full six hours longer than 365 days,toms discount shoes.

Since the extra day was added many traditions and superstitions have been introduced,louis vuitton borse sito ufficiale prezzi,Men Should Blame Caesar For February 29th. One of the best known of these traditions is for a woman to propose to a man,Men Should Blame Caesar For February 29th,borse alviero martini.

The custom started in the 5th century in Ireland when St Bridget decided that women had to wait far to long for men to propose,toms shoes online.

Queen Margaret of Scotland passed a law in 1288 stating: “That in a leap year a woman had the right to ask any man to marry her,toms shoes, so long as he was single,toms shoes sale

To make the proposal the woman had to wear a red petticoat,alviero martini outlet, making sure that it was peeking out from under her skirt,occhiali oakley. The tradition was that if the man turned down the proposal he would get bad luck,oakley. This is where the original phrase for ‘scarlet woman’ began,longchamp borse.

However in Scotland the law stipulated that it was an offence for any man to turn down a proposal on a leap year,polo ralph lauren. Refusal of the proposal would result in a fine that could be either a kiss or having to buy the woman a dress,cheap toms.

In France a woman who is revealing her petticoat is said to be looking for a mother-in-law,polo ralph lauren online.

Even today the superstitions surrounding the date,longchamp, control when people plan their weddings,cheap toms.

In Greece it is deemed that couples will have bad luck if they get married during a leap year,ongchamp le pliage shop online. One in five engaged couples in Greece will not plan or get wed during a leap year,occhiali oakley.

There is about a one in 1,500 chance of being born on a leap day and astrologers believe that such individuals have unusual talents and personalities,Men Should Blame Caesar For February 29th.

The TUC has campaigned for many years to get the 29th February recognised as a public holiday. They believe that the day gives employers an extra day of free labour. The introduction of an additional holiday has been hard to campaign for, as people would have to wait 4 years to get the day off.


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