however being a good strip tease dancer

Stripping can be a glamorous and fun job with a great party lifestyle and excellent money earning potential, however being a good strip tease dancer means you must be extremely glamorous and constantly be re investing money into new items for your stripper wear wardrobe . Below is a list of the bare essentials every strip tease dancer must own.

Stripper heels – This is one of the most essential items of a dancer’s wardrobe. No normal heels will do as even if you are a very tall girl, the other girls will look way taller than you and grab all the attention. Stripper shoes are extremely high at least 6 inches and really emphasis your sexy legs.

Boots – Many men find boots a real turn on. Most men visit strip clubs to see girls dance in sexy thigh high boots as their girlfriend will not wear them. Invest in some thigh high boots and increase your number of private dances .
Dresses – You should own at least two dresses , a mini dress and a long gown . Many clubs require that dancers wear a elegant cocktail gown before a certain time. Usually after a certain time exotic dancers can change into something more hot such as a mini dress. When purchasing any dress you want to go for something that is really going to stand out from the other exotic dancers . Remember gentleman’s clubs are dark places; a black dress won’t really do you any justice. Why not try a brightly coloured clubwear dress such as neon green or a glitzy rhinestone dress that will glitter in the club lighting drawing attention and admiring looks at you ,
Fancy dress outfits – Every pole dancer needs at least two different fancy dress outfits. Many gentleman’s clubs will have fancy dress themed nights and the dancers are required to dress up in fancy dress outfits. The traditional outfits are nurse outfits, Maids and Wenches and school girl outfits , You should have at least one of these fancy dress themes as they are a real money maker. Although you maybe want to think about buying something a little different as many dancers will be wearing similar fancy dress outfits and again you will wish to stand out from the crowd. Why not experiment with various themes maybe try an exotic belly dancing outfit or a sexy FBI outfit.
Accessories – Accessories can really make a massive difference to how you look and is a must have for all strip tease dancers. You should get yourself at least a glamorous pair of earrings such as crystal. A diamante necklace will finish off your long dress beautifully and don’t forget that shiny bangles and bracelets look glamorous too!
The main essential point to remember when picking out your outfits is that you must feel comfortable in them and happy to wear them, There is no point in wearing an costume that you just don’t feel comfortable in as no matter how fabulously the outfit suits your physique, if you feel self-conscious it will show. Lap dancing is all about feeling confident and mega sexy. The more confident and sexy you feel, the hotter you will look and attract more attention, therefore in turn can lead to more private dancers and more cash.

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