dip a towel in cold water and rub soap gently

We all know that Pepper sprays are the most excellent self defense products and come in different shapes and sizes. In today’s world where the crimes graph has actually crossed the threshold point. They are the best key to security and safety in today’s life. Till now we are aware of the fact that the use of Pepper spray indeed inflames the body part which comes in contact with it, as it is an inflammatory agent and is a natural derivative of hot pepper and a chemical oleoresin capsicum (OC),http://www.cheapairjordanshoeok.com/.
Its use can temporarily disable attackers, and can be used on the attacker who may be an individual or a group, or can be effectively used on any kind of dangerous animal too. Most of the sprays contain carbon dioxide, nitrogen,http://www.cheapmbtshoesukmbtoutlet.co.uk/, or isobutane propellants and thus making the attackers think twice before they hit anyone. But sometimes it has been noticed that the pepper spray even hits us back, and to overcome this unfortunate you should be aware of the tactics. The foremost thing is that you should know how to use the self defense products, and what to do in case you come across such an incident. Doubtlessly, Pepper Spray is the cheapest way to let you get rid of the assailants but accidents do happen and you may be a victim too.

The first thing is get away from the area, where the pepper spray was hit.
Secondly, don’t rub the area, where you are hit with the pepper spray. Rubbing may sound you gave you relief but actually it seeps the spray deep into the skin making the itching, and uneasiness in breathing more intense.
Thirdly, Simply wash your face with whole milk rather apply whole milk to the affected area, milk is an effective agent which gets you relief from the pain and burning sensation caused due to spray.
Fourthly, remove the clothes which you were wearing during the incident. Still wearing the contaminated clothes with the pepper spray, will make the things worst.
The fifth one is after regaining your breath, dip a towel in cold water and rub soap gently, don’t even think of taking a hot water bath or even a luke warm water, the things may get deteriorated.
So lets fight the crime, but play safe, but don’t panic if in case you are struck by an unfortunate accident, the above pointers will save you. please visite mycitysafety,http://www.scarpehoganoutletscarpe.com/.com

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