Once you learn more about the birds you find in your yard

Ever wonder what you are going to do with your grandchildren the next time they visit? Bird watching is a great alternative for children of all ages. It provides a grand opportunity for grandparents to bond with grandchildren as they watch and learn about birds together. Bird watching also provides children with a general appreciation of nature and the outdoors that they will carry throughout their entire lives. There is no need to come up with expensive or elaborate plans the next time you watch your grandchildren; an exciting world of entertainment and adventure awaits right outside your door.
There are not many materials required to start bird watching and you can do it from your own backyard! Binoculars are helpful because they help you get a good look at the birds without scaring them off. Although binoculars are not a necessity, they will definitely increase the adventure factor for the little ones. A bird book and the internet can also be great tools. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a bird book. Visit your local library and check out a new book every week. Use your camera or video recorder and take a picture of the bird you want to learn more about. Then, you can go look it up on the internet or in your bird book. Using the internet is another great bonding activity! As you learn about birds together,http://www.scarpehoganscarpeit.com/, you and your grandchild may teach each other a few things about the computer! Once you learn more about the birds you find in your yard, you can determine what type of bird houses or feeders will entice your favorite birds to your backyard.

Once your grandchild learns to identify a few birds and picks a few favorites, you can easily make a suitable birdhouse from materials you have around your house or you can purchase a very inexpensive birdhouse kit that the both of you can put together in a matter of minutes. Of course you will have to steer the little ones toward the smaller cavity nesting birds that will gladly take up residence in your birdhouse. Mount the birdhouse in your backyard in early spring along with a feeder and seed that you know your favorite birds will love. Now, add in a bird bath and you will have created a backyard amusement park that your grandchildren and the birds will love.
You don’t have to stay in your backyard to watch birds,http://www.cheapairjordanshoeok.com/. Go on a walk in the neighborhood or to the local park and bring your bird book and camera along with you. Not only can you take pictures of the birds then go home and look them up on the internet,http://www.cheapmbtshoesukmbtoutlet.co.uk/; you can also take pictures of you and your grandchild enjoying nature together!
Once your grandchildren return to their parents’ house, you can keep up the interest by emailing or even texting pictures of the birds you see and get their parents involved in sending “trophy” bird pictures back to you. They will love to see the photos of the baby chicks nesting in the house that they built. Pictures of the birds are only a small part of the benefit. You now have a means to keep communication open between you and your grandchildren.
Children as young as 3 or 4 years of age can begin to appreciate the joy that comes with watching our feathered friends. Take the time to share this marvelous passion for birds with your grandchildren. When they are grown adults, your grandchildren will appreciate the memories of their time spent outdoors with you. They will be reminded of you every time they recognize a bird they first spotted with you. What a legacy!
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