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Subject to quota restrictions, China’s ceramics for daily use for many years exports to the EU has been in a recession. Last year, after the elimination of quotas on exports to the EU until the situation returned to normal, and therefore a faster growth rate of exports was once a situation of reasons,mbt scarpe, mainly the European Union quota restrictions Suozhi years. Restrictions are relaxed, the market demand for Chinese ceramics recovered his true face, there is also the phenomenon of higher short-term increases are inevitable. But after more than a year of adjustment, the household ceramics exports to the EU the basic track.
    According to customs statistics, in the first half of this year, Ceramics exports to the EU amounted to 204 million U.S. dollars, compared with the same period last year down 4.91%; export volume of 212 million kilograms, down 13.58%. It is worth mentioning that the average unit price of exports to the EU has increased by 10.34%, there has been a good momentum.
The EU is China’s major export markets, ceramics for daily use, one of the export order and maintain a good market environment will be conducive to the steady development of China’s ceramic industry. Therefore, the majority of enterprises must jointly safeguard the good situation,mbt prezzi. The one hand, enterprises should improve product quality, grade and varieties make great efforts to constantly optimize the product mix, a good job selling high-priced products; the other hand, pay special attention to the EU market and reflect the various trends, such as: Last year, the European Commission issued Directive No,mbt vendita. 2005/31/EC the specific content of the EU the appearance of ceramics and other relevant provisions of the patent claims, keep abreast of market trends for the complex issues that may arise early make relevant preparations and emergency measures, together for the development of China’s ceramic industry to make positive efforts,mbt scarpe.

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