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Most commonly used and often unnoticed, rubber becomes a durable means of décor when it comes in the shape of rubber floor tiles. These tiles allow you to refine your roof terrace design with an innovative concept. The results obtained are absolutely unbelievable and have numerous advantages over regular tiles of all sorts. Being highly flexible and easy to install,mbt prezzi, you can decide over every single aspect involved during the selection and installation of these tiles. You may even opt for designer range for the extra look you always desired.
Why rubber tiles, what’s so special about them?

Moreover, if you choose rubber floor tiles, you contribute a lot towards the conservation of the environment. These tiles are made from used car tires and they are recycled during the process. Common types of rubber popularly used for making tiles are EPDM, SBR, NBR, IIR,mbt vendita, and PBR. Although EPDM rubber is better preferred by many, as it is very durable and made of high quality. When compared to the typical tire rubber granulates (i.e. material obtained from car tire recycling), EPDM is odorless and resists harmful UV rays for life. Moreover, it doesn’t dispense any black carbon even after years of usage unlike the tire rubber. In addition,mbt scarpe, tiles made from EPDM rubber is ideal for playgrounds as well, as it provides complete fall protection and it is even resistant to chlorine and water (ideal for swimming pools) when compared to the typical tire rubber.
Rubber tile makers can even add custom ingredients to make these tiles apt for special requirements. In addition to this, these tiles are processed with several chemicals and mechanical processes to increase their endurance to climatic conditions and rough usage. These treatments are
– Vulcanizing – Rubber tiles are processed with sulfur or similar chemicals to enhance mechanical properties. Usually, interlocking rubber floor tiles are treated with vulcanization. This process makes tiles less sticky and suitable for outdoor use. Even the strength and other mechanical properties are improved drastically after the process.
– Layering – Rubber tiles contain several layers. The thickness and mechanical properties depend on these layers. Thin tiles are preferred for indoor use. However, thicker tiles are recommended for outdoor use. They also come with additional treatment for complete anti-skid surface.
– Texturing – Being a major part of décor,http://mbtscarpe001.webs.com/, these tiles are also available in various textures and designs. This simplifies the process of matching these tiles with other interior designs and themes. Patterns like coin-sized impressions, offer better grip even in an industrial environment. Ironically, these tiles were invented as flooring for industrial use. The main motive of the use of these flooring was intended to provide shockproof,mbt scarpe, all weather terrain with acoustic damping effect.
The same process is now magnified larger than life to get the perfect finish and unique design for anti-skid surfaces. In addition, installation of such interlocking rubber floor tiles offer adequate safety from slip and fall incidents. No wonder, these simple to use and highly durable rubber floor tiles are becoming rapidly.
Find out more about outdoor rubber tiles and for easy transformation of your terrace.

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