converse pas cher 36261 RKEY RKEY Since DNA is a vital part in our human body,converse pas cher, we need to know a lot about it,sac longchamp. Firstly,converse all star, the code of DNA is similar for all living Organism,sac longchamp pas cher. We can hardly find DNA coding to be different in living things,converse all star. Thus the code has universal language,sac longchamp 34514,chaussures converse femme.

The scientist named Friedrich Miescher discovered DNA.1896 was the year in which DNA was discovered,sac longchamp pas cher,longchamp pas cher 18319 With regards to the discovery of genes,longchamp pas cher, we have a very interesting fact,sac longchamp. Till 1843 scientists were unaware of the presence of genes in cells,converse pas cher all star,Dna – Important Facts About It. The scientist thought the genetic code was held by proteins,longchamp pas cher.

DNA is very different from proteins ,converse enfant.DNA is build with four nucleotides but proteins are composed of twenty amino acids,longchamp pas cher. Thus the composition of DNA would be very different to that of proteins,sac longchamp pas cher. Thus we should never confuse DNA with proteins,converse pas cher femme.

We use 4 letters in writing the genetic code,sac longchamp. The genetic code of DNA consists of the letters A,converse all star 86520
http://saclongchamp5.webs,Dna – Important Facts About, G,longchamp soldes, C,converse pas cher, T,converse all star.Where A stands for adenine G for guanine C for cytosine and T for thymine,longchamp pliage. But we don’t use all the four alphabets together,converse all star. We combine them and make it a 3 lettered word that codes an Amino acid,converse pas cher. Here Proline is a very good example which is coded as CCA,sac longchamp.

We can even find redundancy in DNA,sac longchamp pas cher. Usage of more than one word codes the same amino acid.

James Watson and Crick had discovered the double helix structure of DNA by making use of the x-ray crystallography images that Rosalind Frankli made. The replication of DNA came into notice after the discovery of double helix structure,longchamp pas cher.

Another important fact about DNA is its molecular property,converse pas cher. Though it is a very important part of our body, yet it can be the worst at times,sac longchamp. The molecules in DNA are very fragile. It is not good at staying unbroken,longchamp pas cher. Our body mechanism manages to keep us healthy,sac longchamp pas cher. They correct such errors but a few damages cannot be repaired, which and are known as mutations. They are the cause of the disease named cancer,basket converse pas cher. Cancer is such a disease,converse pas cher, which cannot be cured. We can only try to make the life of the patient lengthy

During the process of replication of DNA at times mistakes take place,converse all star. At the end of the process though, the amount of mistakes in the DNA succession is remarkably low,sac longchamp solde. It’s just about a single mistake in each billion bases.

Though mutation harms living being it is significant as it gives rise to genetic variation,sac longchamp pliage pas cher.

RNA acts as the mediator between DNA and protein,sac a main longchamp pas cher.

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