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http://pumpascher.chaussurespaschere.infoAfter 7 and a half years pouring my heart and brain out on Diaryland,chaussures pas cher, I think I’m ready to move,puma soldes.

Here,tods chaussures.

Yeah,tod’s sac, sure,tods chaussures, I’ve seen my share of comers and goers in this fair Land of Diary,puma pas cher, and other sites looked all shiny and user-friendlier,chaussures chanel, but there was something about Diaryland I couldn’t leave,tod’s femme. The ease of changing the html for a dunce like me was sure nice,tods pas cher. And the one page,chaussures puma, one story at a time format seemed just right for me,tod’s sac.

And I’ve got two blogs over on Blogger,chaussures pas cher, so I know how that works and it sure is spiffy. But it didn’t feel right for my personal musings, and WordPress makes my head hurt just looking at their main page.

And then Moo moved to Tumblr, and I saw the light. Like really, I there was a shaft of light and a heavenly chorus and I heard a booming voice say:

“My child, you are home.”

This was BIG. There wasn’t much else to do – but jump.

Some extra thoughts:

* The one essay a page format of d*land is nice, but I don’t feel like writing very often because it’s such a big ordeal. I’m going to have fun with the little entries and the big ones all in a nice blog soup:)

* The name – One Brick Shy. You know, like “One brick shy of a load.” That usually does mean the person is a bit ,just a girl. off, and let’s face it, I am. But more than that, I always feel like I’m almost there – I alllmost have it figured out – But I can’t get that last little bit. Luckily, I have my fabulous husband or incredible friends (that would be YOU) to help me fill in the blank.

* It’s sparkly and the other users seem all cool and deep and stuff. I’m hoping some of that rubs off.

* With over 7 years of my drivelings on the web for the whole world to get nauseous at, my mother is finally going to get some peace, and I’m going to slowly take it all down 🙂 So if you ever wanted to know way too much about me, now is the time to fill up!

Well, I guess that’s it. We’ll see if there might be one or two entries as I make the switch (it’s a construction site over there), but I think this is it. I’m probably going to cry for a while when it hits me, but heck, everything makes me cry.http://pumpascher.chaussurespaschere.info

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