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Might abortions be publicly funded for girls who cannot afford to pay for them

We are not the one that laid on our backs and spread our legs for the enjoyment of having sexual intercourse but we are caught using the bill with the irresponsible steps of many others.

Why should the taxpayers be trapped with footing the bill with the irresponsible steps of many people?

There may be no way one can justify that.

Now inform us all, who’s finding screwed inside of the stop?

If you don’t just want to get pregnant them don’t have unprotected sexual intercourse.

If you cannot pay for a condom, don’t have sex.

Once you have to get the jollies off then vacation resort to masturbation and help you save the taxpayers from purchasing one thing they had no pick during the subject.

I work flat out for my wealth and fork out taxes on what I generate but it surely chaps my ass to know that a part on the taxes I pay goes to pay for to the irresponsible pleasures of many others which I am too exhausted to carry out at the conclusion of a lengthy onerous working day. I get screwed day-to-day I show results without the pleasures of those that do not.






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