after telling the Act board on Saturday morning at its regular meetingpu

http://pumpascher.chaussurespaschere.infoAnd then there were none. The surprise decision by Act deputy leader John Boscawen to retire at the election means none of the five Act MPs who were elected to Parliament in 2008 will be back.

Boscawen announced his decision on Saturday afternoon, after telling the Act board on Saturday morning at its regular meeting.

That may puzzle a public that is relentlessly reminded of a campaigner in the Mt Albert byelection so intent on delivering his message at a meeting that he ignored the lamington put on his head by an opponent.

But Boscawen is appreciated in his party and probably never more so than now as it struggles for relevance.

It is no wonder some colleagues are hoping he will change his mind.

The chances are remote. What he may change his mind about is in saying why he is going.

The reference to wanting to spend more time with his family was ill-advised: it has become such a euphemism that its very use conjures up alternatives such as a rift with the leader, ill-health, a simmering scandal that is about to bubble into the public arena,and adieu to Act brand.

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