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Constant eye state, the students quickly rotate phenomenon; micro-eye state, Tianxin can see own Qingxudong Road force and shallow blood world of Hope Mesozoic Lik Sang strongly conflict.ray ban 2140 tortoise shell, However, due to the fangs Zhen Ji shallow blood world lost a master host. Its Ling Mesozoic force only passively invasive Qing Xu Tao Li proposition, and showed a trend of retreat. Is not the greater the force. The Tianxin increase input force Qingxudong Road, imaginary fury against no. Or the original that extent. Tianxin Qing Xu Tao power input is reduced to a minimum, the shallow blood border forces of the world is born of the Spirit is the same confrontation. No weakening. How about a large area? How about a point? Internal energy of the Angels turn mad, Qing Xu Tao Li-round pressed into the shallow blood world, or as is; into the point, or as is. Strange, and more to do less. The full range of such a surface, a point, a good strange world!

World practice of others is not the case. The Tianxin are strange, behind. Beauty head of the voice sounded. The world to sue raise land. ray ban 2140 tortoise size know to feed you want to communicate. Can be too time-consuming, ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 54 mm This is not looking for shortcuts? Shortcut practice world There is not any shortcut, loss or repair within! This is not a daydream, in addition to the repair, who can figure out the world,ray ban sunglasses, inside and civilization and civilization stage. Not going to figure out the internal morphology of the world, but to exercise it, to energize it, sensing it to the situation is good, is not a mutation, so, try to choke or resection. ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 54 mm how heard the like treatment? Governance ghosts, repair the world not repair ‘tinkering’, but growth and repair rules, repair you think you can contribute to world growth rules. These the growth rules involve all aspects of all with you into the world born of the Spirit Road force casting of growth rules, and then you perceive the situation inside the world, fit with the development of civilization in the world.

Before ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 50mm must carefully; ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 54 mm rules must be in a timely fashion. Otherwise, the former owner of the growth rules disappear and no new growth rules filled, then, ranging from the world of shallow blood drop products, waste yellow ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 54 mm born of the Spirit Road force pay, it will not get anything in return ! Head of the ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 54 mm there no casting of rules to a common approach! Repair the world Here’s the rub. The world is not biological, biological and physical structure are similar to pass a law, people fitness. World, the world of ten thousand,fake ray ban wayfarer, ten thousand kind. Repair within the world how to play with the world ray ban 2140 tortoise wayfarer 902 54 mm I do not know, the but taken outside world are born of the Spirit Road power to transform the world, so that the growth rule extends to every corner of the world as far as possible. The way of thinking of each channel is not the same,ray ban new wayfarer, so all the world appeared to the creatures of the world, inside and try to evolutionary purpose is the same, but definitely not the same rules for world growth to achieve this purpose the casting.

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