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Out of countless medical supplies,, clothing is an important supply which is highly demanded in healthcare sector. Medical clothing has been in existence since a very long time but the initial clothing is quite different from the modern range of doctor clothing,billige nike free.
Today these comfortable clothing items are worn by medical professionals ranging from famed heart surgeons to dental hygienists. It is really hard to recall a time when these practical uniforms were not the norms for everyday wear in hospitals. Still, like every clothing style, medical clothing also preserves a history which is quite interesting.

The most primitive form of doctor uniforms were the black robe, the somber the attire. This particular form of dress was chosen for doctors because they were viewed as experts in matter related to life and death. Actually, it was the time when doctors did more harm than good and people needed priest whenever any person in such kind of clothing used to visit them!
Then came the trend of Aprons, or more precisely butcher’s apron, the terms used by modern medical professionals who were really horrified by the unsanitary practices in earlier days, These clothing items were allowed to collect blood and other bodily fluids during operations throughout the day. The chances of spreading infection from one patient to another was very high. Later, with the advancement in science and more sanitary practices, they took a back seat and new inventions were enjoyed.
Following the aprons came the white coat symbolizing professionalism and cleanliness to prevent sepsis. White coat was the most popular uniform in the medical settings and is still in practice in almost every hospital.
Apart from medical supplies for doctors, nurses also need good clothing to perform their job efficiently, For the nurses,, the most primitive form of uniform was some kind of nursing dress that was far from comfortable. They were restrictive and made performing most of the basic tasks difficult.
Nowadays a variety of drapes and gowns can be seen for doctors and nurses. Such uniforms were designed to cover staff as well as patients inside the hospital premises to prevent spread of infection. White was the favorite color for this clothing item which was later replaced by the light hue of green (surgical green).
Medical industry is now influenced by tailor-made designer scrubs stitched separately for men and women to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Color and design is not the limiting factor in designing such medical clothing.
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