This Is The Third Publication Clothed In Support Of The Supergroup,… Hellyeah. The Pop Come At The Same Time Is:
Chad Dull (Mudvayne) – Vocals
Greg Tribbet (Mudvayne) – Guitar
Tom Maxwell (Nothingface) – Guitar
Bob Zilla (Damageplan) – Bass
Vinnie Paul (Pantera) – Drums

This Folder Is A Heavy, Pounding,mbt scarpe, Southern Rock, Merrymaking Band,mbt vendita, Good Quality Time, Drink Plow You Fall Collection Of Tunes. Nothing On This Folder “pushes The Envelope” Otherwise Challenges To Various Extent Genre Of Music, But That’s Not What Did You Say? Hellyeah Agree Disallowed To Do. If You Feel Like A Good Quality Rockin’ Album, And Comprehend Pleasure From To Various Extent Of The Bands With The Purpose Of These Guys Came From, You Choice Like This Album. At Hand Positively Seems To Live Additional Of A Mixing Of Styles On This Record, Compared To Hellyeah’s Earlier Two Releases. Listening To The Tracks, You Can Hear The Miscellaneous Mudvanyne Arrangements,, The Nothingface Riffs, And Of Itinerary (and Largely Present) The Pantera Sound.

The Folder Starts Disallowed Stout With The Brutal “War Clothed In Me,” My Favorite Track On The Album. So Therefore Is “Band Of Brothers,” Which Has A Nu-metal/Slipknot Riff Throughout. The Chorus Turns Back To A Good Quality Ol’ Southern Metal Sing Along.

Rage/Burn Has A Crispy Guitar Track With The Purpose Of Builds Into The Screaming Chorus,mbt scarpe. It’s A Song On The Order Of Living On “10” And Self Destruction. So Therefore We Occur To The Album’s Biggest Merrymaking Song, “Drink Drank Drunk.” It’s A Good Quality Tune, But They Kind Of Lost Me On The Total “There’s Simply Two Reasons, With The Purpose Of We Showed Up Here. To Merrymaking And Kick Various Ass, And We’re Almost Disallowed Of Beer.” Yeah With The Purpose Of Was Funny As I Maxim It Clothed In “Dazed And Confused” Back Clothed In ’93, But It Seems Kind Of Played Disallowed Here. Although I’m Indeed With The Purpose Of All Of The Rednecks So Therefore To The Live Shows Choice Be Partial To It And Scream Along!

Then We Occur To “Bigger God.” This Song Has A Accident Of Beat Changes And Discrete Arrangements. The Chorus Has Chad Sounding Like Stephen Pearcy Clothed In An Elementary Ratt Song. It’s An OK Tune.

Next Is My Smallest Amount Favorite On The Album, “Between You And Nowhere.” This Song Is A Straight On Alice Clothed In Chains Rip-off… And Not Even Close To Having The Status Of Well Having The Status Of They Did It. Don’t Like It.

Call It Like I Envision It Teases With A Chugging But Dawdling Start, Than It Kicks Into Chubby Force. Good Quality Chorus, And It Gets The Folder Back On Track So Therefore Two With A Reduction Of Than Stellar Tracks.

The So Therefore Song, “Why Does It Always” Is A Classic Weighty Metal Masculinity Tune, Lamenting The In Rank With The Purpose Of It Not At All Stays Having The Status Of Passionate And Crazy Having The Status Of It Was Clothed In The Beginning… And Did I Hear Various Cow Bell?…

WM Free Is A Song Committed To The Publication Of The West Memphis Three (if You Don’t Know It, It’s A Lengthy And Disallowed Of The Ordinary Story. Click Lacking Hesitation Clothed In Support Of An Overview.) It Is A Rocker With A A Diminutive Amount Additional Of With The Purpose Of Slipknot Type Driving Guitar Riff.

Track 10 Is “Dig Myself A Hole.” This Is On The Order Of Having The Status Of Means Of Communication Friendly A Track Having The Status Of You Are Departing To Comprehend With These Guys. Kind Of A “poppy” Chorus, Not Lone Of The Top On The Album.

Last Track On This Publication Is “What It Takes To Live Me.” This Lone Rages. Horrible Folder Closer.

Overall, A Good Quality But Not Horrible Album. Again, Hellyeah Is What Did You Say? It Is. If You Like Pantera Smartness Music, Screaming Vocals, Diverse With A A Diminutive Amount Southern Smartness And Nu-metal, You Choice Comprehend Pleasure From This.

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